10 fun things to do this holiday

10 fun things to do this holiday



It’s a time for cheer and merriment. Play games, cook, host a party – whether you’re spending time with friends and family, or planning to take some out time for yourself,


Here are 10 ideas for fun things to do over the holidays.



Pamper yourself 

With all of the stress of the holidays, and a little extra time off, you could probably use a little pampering. Accept offers at-home beauty services, including massages, manicures, makeup, or facials. Perfect to just relax, or perhaps prepare for that big holiday party.



10 fun things to do this holiday



Cook with family and friends 

There are tons of food delivery apps out there, but many restaurants – not to mention supermarkets – will be closed during the holidays. But don’t fret! You can have fun and make great healthy,  dishes using the ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Whether you’re spending the holidays alone, with a partner, or with extended family, don’t worry about having all the ingredients to make the perfect meal – and never settle for a simple pasta dish again.



Send flowers

Whether you forgot to send a gift, want to thank someone for theirs, or show a little extra affection to a lonely friend or family member, flowers are a universally accepted sign of love or appreciation. Giving is a gift in itself, and flowers will help you and the recipient feel special all day.



Spend time with the kids

Offers a selection of kid-based activities for fun.


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Play games together

Turn your living room into a dance floor using a smartphone and a screen connected to the Internet. It features over 300 songs, and you can play with an unlimited number of players.



Host or attend a party

Helps organise parties in your own home, or find private house parties to attend. Make new friends, and host a free event or set a price for attending your house party through. If you’re not into hosting your own event, you can find tons of events in cities to attend.



10 fun things to do this holiday



Save and share those special moments

Whether you’re having a small get together with friends and family, or attending a big New Years Eve party,  record your experiences at events and parties, and merge your collective photos and videos into a movie.



Discover your strengths

Unlock your potential by analysing your personality through your DNA.



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Redecorate your home

Plan out your dream home, or just see how it would look if you just want to move around your furniture. And if you’re looking for inspiration – design your own custom furniture through platforms.

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