10 most hilarious Nigerian musicians

10 most hilarious Nigerian musicians


For the records, an average Nigerian is hilarious. However, some people have managed to transition their good sense of humour into a career.


It is important to have a good sense of humour after all laughter is the best medicine. Indeed, a cheerful heart is medicinal and healthy to the soul. Also, a little bit of humour has never hurt anyone.


There are more advantages attached to being humorous than exuding a morose facade. People adhere to people who have a cheerful heart and warm spirit.


The world is in need of more cheerful people, there is a lot of sadness and depression. Therefore, everyone desires a moment of bliss.


In recent years, the Nigerian comedy sector has experienced a modest boom both locally and internationally. From mainstream comedians such as Basketmouth and Bovi to social media comedians such as Mr Macaroni, Taoma, Twyse, to name a few.


Indeed, comedy is a serious business. Except the reader resides underneath a rock, it is apparent that comedians are major content creators and contributors in this generation.


Humour is pivotal, the human medulla is in dire need of something hilarious.


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Some Nigerian artistes realize that humour is quintessential in promoting their brand and the framework of their career.  They understand that they have to infuse the elements of comedy into their music as it is a dangerous business to be lethargic.


There are artistes who are naturally hilarious, meanwhile, there are some who simply engage in cheesy activities but still get the love from their fans. It is important to note that this list entails mainstream Nigerian acts and not social media tweeners who release jocular songs.


Comedians such as Broda Shaggi, Emma Oh My God and Josh2Funny are not on this list. This is dedicated to hilarious Nigerian artistes.


Further, the writer will be revealing the ten acts who have been able to utilize social media as a platform to share humour and still be the noble in their own style.


Here is the list of the 10 most hilarious artistes in Nigeria.


  1. Falz.

In case you didn’t know, Falz functioned as a social media comedian earlier in his career, between 2014 and 2015. He retired from skit production following his mainstream success in 2016 with the sophomore album, Stories That Touch.

The entertainment polymath remains the only Nigerian artistes who has received an AMVCA award for his contribution in a movie.

It is important to note that he isn’t the first Nigerian singer to appear in a Nollywood movie; Yet, the multifaceted renaissance man has managed to enchant his audience with his talent, swag and charisma.

Salute to the chairman of the Sweet Boys Association (SBA).


2. Teni.

The only Nigerian artiste with numerous pseudonyms. Teniola Apata is also known as Teni the Entertainer, Teni Makanaki, Oba Orin, the One take queen, etc.

Teni is an embodiment of fun, joy and happiness. She is a happy-go-lucky person and her personality has helped her garner staunch supporters across the globe.

Last December, Teni dressed up as a father Christmas to promote her own concert. It is impossible to see a female artiste who is as nonchalant and original as the ‘Uyo Meyo’ crooner.

Her juvenile lyrics depicts her elementary perspective about life. Her music videos including ‘Case’ and Billionaire has an element of comedy and the theme of optimism in them. It is impossible to hate, she is perfect in her own skin.


3. Speed Darlington.

King of humorous contents.

This young man who hails from Imo State does not crack jokes, however, everything about him is hilarious. Who titles a song, ‘Akamu?’ You guessed right, Speedy!

He is unperturbed by the criticism and insults hurled at him by social media trolls and a self-acclaimed influencer. He is all about his aim and objective which is to provoke laughter.

Speedy is currently trying to crossover into Nollywood.


More creative minds blurring the lines between comedy and music


4. Don Jazzy.


It is not news that Don Jazzy is a busy man.

He is the CEO of Mavins Record, however, he still finds time to engage his followers and audience on his various social media platforms. Jazzy is an avid Twitter user, always disseminating thought-provoking content.

Interestingly, he has featured in a couple of comedy skits. He made guest appearance in several episodes of Oluwadolarz skits. On a particular episode, he lost his Mavins Empire to little Tobi.

The Mavins Record CEO sure knows how to have fun.


5. Mayorkun.

Aside from releasing hits, the self-acclaimed Mayor of Lagos has managed to drop several humorous posts on his Instagram page.

In 2019, Mayorkun revealed his intention to bring ‘Jesus Christ’ out for his concert in Lagos. Unfortunately, Jesus Christ posse passed on several days later.


6. 2 Baba.

If 2 Baba was not a music legend, he sure would have established a career in comedy.

The ever-cheerful legend lashed several entertainers including Basketmouth, Bovi, Sound Sultan and M.I at his 40th birthday party a couple of years ago.

2 Baba is naturally humorous, he doesn’t need to practice.


7. Zlatan.

Indeed, Zlatan is a creative genius.

The multi-talented rapper has managed to build his legacy with the tedious mantra, ‘Kapaichumarimarichopaco’. Till date, nobody knows what the balderdash means but the term has catapulted him into the hearts of Nigerians.

Zlatan is not a conventional artiste, his charisma and Avant-garde aesthetics has differentiated from his contemporaries.


8. D’Banj.

The koko master would forever remain the most entertaining Nigerian artiste.

In the mid-2000s, D’Banj was the headliner, showstopper, main-eventer and the life of the party. When Mo-hits was at its peak, D’Banj held the world in his palm. He was a joy to watch, though his lyrics were surreptitiously lewd, everyone enjoyed ‘tongolo’ and ‘why me‘.

The self-acclaimed African Michael Jackson even performed at an award ceremony rocking only a towel. In fact, he just didn’t care about public opinion. No other artiste in the country has the effrontery to attend an award ceremony unclad.

D’Banj doesn’t take himself too seriously.


9. Naira Marley.

To commence, Naira Marley is a maverick. An anomaly of our time, a needle in a haystack. He is simply a man you love to hate but can’t seem to take your eye off.

In 2019, this young man put the entire country in a chokehold, he is gradually losing his grip in 2020 though.

Meanwhile, his controversial sense of humour helped him to entice the Nigerian audience. On his various social media spectrum, both Twitter and Instagram, Naira Marley has managed to entertain his followers with some amusing contents.

Catch him on Instagram live and you will laugh like a chubby kid who recently found his cake. He is so hilarious, all his lewd songs have bewildering titles. Check out ‘Soapy’, ‘Opor’, ‘Tesumole’, etc.


10. Simisola.

Simisola is the sweetheart of the Nigerian music industry. Her scintillating vocals, heartwarming personality has made her one of the most revered artistes in the sector.

Simisola is not outrightly humorous like the other celebrities on our list. However, she has managed to entertain her followers with her savage responses on Twitter.

Further, her conversations with her husband, Adekunle Gold on the microblogging site has made people fall in love even more. Indeed, Simi did unveil more of her comic side during her collaboration with Falz.

Watch the music videos, ‘Foreign’, ‘Jamb question’ and ‘Soldier’ to understand Simi’s underlying sense of humour.

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