10 Nigerian Songs Every Nigerian Should Embrace

10 Nigerian Songs Every Nigerian Should Embrace

Music is the composition of lyrics and beats combined aesthetically to create pleasant sound for the target listener. Aside from Agriculture, oil and natural resources, Nigeria is a nation graced with immense entertaining and musical prowess in abundance.

From generation to generation there are numerous singers that have blessed their audiences with sublime anthems, we have listened to diverse genres of music and we’ve seen hundreds of artistes attain international fame because of their creativity and music dexterity.

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Here are 10 Nigerian songs that every Nigerian should embrace without hesitation that would eternally describe, cultural struggles, our perception of reality and progress as a nation.

Haruna Ishola– “Punctuality is the soul of business

The hit single “Punctuality is the soul of business” brought the Nigerian Apala musical genre into the mainstream in the 60s. it was the beginning of European tour from Nigerian music groups.

Onyeka Onwenu– “Ekwe

“Ekwe” was released in 1984 by the Elegant Stallion, Onyeka and it was a megahit. Till date it has been performed by numerous musicians including MTN Project fame winner, Chidinma. Another mainstream jam from Onyeka is “one love.”

Fela Kuti– “Zombie”

There are several political agitation songs to select from the charismatic and legendary musician, Fela Kuti who died in 1997. Despite his demise, his legacy still reverberates in the Afropop culture of today, it is prominent amongst today musicians such as Wizkid, Burna boy, Olamide, etc.

Ras Kimono– “Under Pressure

Ras Kimono was a reggae artist, his hit single “under pressure” which was released in 1989 described the military hardship that Nigerians went through during that era.

Majek Fashek– “Send down the rain

Majek Fashek came into prominence with his hit single “send down the rain” became an international hit and turned the reggae artist into an international sensation. The single described the hardship and onerous situation Nigeria was going through and required an intervention of hope and peace through the downpour of rain.

Sonny Okosun– “Lift Nigeria Up

The classic song “lift Nigeria up” is a national anthem and the chorus would eternally be remembered by the listener because it speaks about lifting up the together throw peace, love and loyalty. Every citizen is responsible for the development and growth of the country, the video coterie of celebrities at the time including Charley boy, King Sunny Ade, Orlando Owoh, and many others.

Lagbaja– “Prayer for the Youth

The masked musician Lagbaja which means “an anonymous person” released the radio hit “Prayer for the youth” was released in 2001 from the album WE. The 7-minutes sing discussed songs that affected the future of the Nigerian youth.

African China– “Our Government Bad”

African China came into the limelight in 2007 with his hit single “Our government bad.” He has since become an international act.


African China

Sound Sultan– “Motherland

Sound Sultan is the youngest musician on the list. The song is primarily about Nigeria’s diaspora and appreciation for our natural resources. He theme is basically to remind the citizens that home is home no matter where how much try to escape.

2 face Idibia“African Queen”

2 face took the definition of beauty, essence and perception of an African woman to another level with his hit single “African Queen” in 2003. The song became an instant hit and was one of the most successful songs in Africa, it is well embraced especially from the female demography.

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