10 Things He Won’t Tell You He Loves!

10 Things He Won’t Tell You He Loves!
  • Days Of Endless Sex. No matter how prudent and gentlemanly he appears, he wishes for this every now and then. While the frequency will differ from one to another, men will give an arm and a leg for such days.
  • Women Taking Charge. There’s a dormant submissive in every man. It makes him want a woman that takes charge of the affairs of passion, let’s get inhibitions go and gets sultry and wild in the bedroom.
  • Adding Kink To The Bedroom. Plain banging can get quickly boring. That’s why men love spicing up the act with some extras. Adventurous toys, wild sex positions, role playing, strip teases are but a few ways that can add variety to the action.

  • Oral Sex And A Lot More Of It. The head game is of extreme importance. The ubiquity of porn sequences and books and movies of the “How to’s” for giving and receiving pleasure have made oral sex a must-do part of the bedroom. The more, the merrier. And she who can thrill with the tongue is an asset.
  • Tell Him Your Secrets. Men get attached to the woman who opens up to them. The always desire that you hide nothing, no matter how dirty the secret is. In fact, the naughtier it is, the more they want to hear it. It acts like an aphrodisiac sometimes.
  • See You In Pleasure City. The expectation of coital pleasures call be heightened by preparation. A night of sexual passion can be preceded by naughty texts and messages during the day which tends to mentally and psychologically prepare the man for the pleasures that are sure to come.

  • Adding A Little Oomph!
    A candle light dinner in your undies, scented baths only for just the two of you, sweet-smelling fragrances that titillate the senses, a strip tease, can all add to the man’s arousal and is something men can die for.
  • Talk Dirty. Men will do anything for the woman that is a queen by his side in public but a porn star on his bed in private. Figuratively. So, talk some dirty talk. There’s something about it when mixed with good old moaning that sends the right signals to his private parts.
  • Living On The Edge. The woman who throws caution to the winds, screams his name, rides him like a horse, takes charge and doesn’t hold nothing back turns her man on any time. And the man will climb the Everest to be with her as often as can be possible.

•    A Home Movie.

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