10 things you should know about your doctor

10 things you should know about your doctor

Doctors are not only literal life savers, they work crazy hours, sacrifice years to training and do it all while trying to manage personal lives of their own. In honor of National Doctors Day, we asked a few physicians to share what it’s really like to work in the medical field and what they want their patients to know. Take a look at their responses below.

1. Doctors understand the importance of their work.

“Becoming a doctor is the greatest honor I can imagine. As a cancer survivor, dedicating my life to taking care of sick children and their families is an enormous privilege that I’ll never take for granted.” ―Shira Einstein, 2018 MD Candidate at Oregon Health & Science University

2. Your physician isn’t unfeeling, he just need to practice stoicism for his own peace of mind.

“Dealing with the suffering of patients day in and day out can lead us to hold back emotionally and make us seem less empathetic than we really are.” ―Keith Humphreys, psychiatrist at Stanford Health Care

3. It’s frustrating when patients trust health advice that isn’t rooted in facts.

“For patients, parents, policymakers, etc. responding to prevalent vaccine hesitancy … [I want them to know] vaccines are safe, vaccines are effective, vaccines save lives.” ―Dean Blumberg, pediatrician and associate professor at the University of California, Davis

4. A doctor’s job involves more than just seeing patients.

“Being a doctor goes far beyond the time we spend directly caring for patients in the clinic or hospital. As an ObGyn, I  also spend a lot of time advocating for women’s health by helping shape policy, teaching, and conducting research.

It is important for people to realize how many different factors influence their health both directly and indirectly, such as  understanding how policies like cutting National Institutes of Health funding may affect their health.” ―Maria Isabel Rodriguez, OB/GYN and assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine Read more

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