1st Jams: 10 songs celebrating Grammy winner, Burna Boy

1st Jams: 10 songs celebrating Grammy winner, Burna Boy

This episode of 1st Jams is dedicated to Grammy award winner, Damini Ogulu popularly known  as Burna Boy.


We are unravelling ten of his best tracks from 2012 till date. As an history maker, Burna  boy is worth celebrating; and we are not about to let this moment slip through our fingers.


Burna boy, this episode of 1st Jams is dedicated to the Grammy award winner and his fanbase, the Outsiders.


Pertaining to his recently attained success, there is everything to celebrate and more.


burna boy


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On Sunday, March 14, Burna Boy emerged victorious in the category of the “Best Global Album” at the recently concluded 2021 Grammy Awards  ceremony.


He became the first Nigerian Afrobeats artistes to clinch the Grammys.


Celebrating his victory, Burna Boy said during his award speech;

The elated singer said in a video on Instagram;

“This is a big win for my generation of Africans all over the world,” Burna said.


He continued;

“And this should be a lesson to every African out there.

No matter where you are, no matter what you plan to do; you can achieve it.

No matter where you’re from, because you’re a king.”


In celebratory mood, we would be sharing 10 of the best songs from the self-acclaimed African giant, Burna Boy. Prior to that, check out the previous episode of 1st Jams.


In the meantime, here is the compilation list for Burna Boy’s top 10 songs.


1. Burna Boy- Tonight.

Tonight is a single off Burna Boy’s L.I.F.E album released in 2012.

When the Afrobeats icon emerged into the scene in 2012, he came with a unique sound that has never been heard in the music industry. His style of expression and fashion was different from his counterparts.

He knew what he wanted and this simply marked the commencement into superstardom for the Afrobeats flag bearer.


2. Burna BoyLike to party 

His vibes was different, unique, It marked the initiation of Alte music into the mainstream. In 2012, Burna Boy’s ‘Like to party’s arrived simultaneously with Alte artistes; BoJ and ShowDemCamp’s respective records into the mainstream.

In the late parts of 2012, Burna Boy was gradually garnering a remarkable fanbase. Listeners were buying into his ideology and dandy lifestyle.


3. Burna boy- Run my race.

At this point, Burna Boy was already becoming a household name. Amongst the teens and youth demography, Burna boy was already a prominent figure.

He was talented, had tattoos, he defined the image that the last burns of Gen Z would like to portray. At the time, Burna was only 22, however, his matured lyrics and maverick perspective to music made people buy into his conceptual framework.

In 2013, he was nominated for the “Next Rated Artiste Artiste” at the 2013 Headies. He lost to Sean Sizzle, his relationship with Headies organisers have never been the same.


4. Burna Boy x Dbanj- Wondamo

Burna Boy worked with former Mo-Hits allstar singer, Dbanj, ‘Wondamo’. At the time, Dbanj was signed to Kanye West’s Good Music.


5. Burna Boy- Yawa

Yawa was about the ongoing issues in Nigeria and various parts of Africa.


Although, Burna boy was perceived as the next big thing in the Nigerian music industry and was compared to the connoisseur Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Burna was yet to attain his full potential yet.


6. Burna Boy- Don Gordon

Don Gordon is one of the most interesting singles off Burna Boy’s album, L.I.F.E.


7. Burna Boy- soke

Off the album, On a Spaceship released in 2015, Burna boy was in a different phase in his personal and career life at this point in time.

His deal with Aristocrats records had just fallen through and he was about to commence an independent journey that would change his life forever.

‘Soke’ is the second single off his album, On A Spaceship.


8. Burna Boy– Ye.

Ye was released on August 6, 2018, as the sixth single from his third studio album Outside (2018).

The song was produced by Nigerian record producer Phantom.

It also won Song of the Year and was nominated for Best Pop Single and Best Recording of the Year at The Headies 2019.


9. Burna boy- Monster you made

Meji Alabi directs an intense and timely exploration of violence and inequality, in his video for Burna Boy’s Monsters You Made, featuring Chris Martin of the British rock band, Coldplay.


10. Burna boy- Way too big

Indeed, the self-acclaimed African giant has all the fundamental rights to say he is way too big. He is a Grammy award winner.

Not an affiliated winner, Burna boy is a actually an independent winner.

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