1st List: 10 celebrities we lost in 2019

1st List: 10 celebrities we lost in 2019


Death is inevitable, one by one every individual will go six feet beneath the ground. Unfortunately, there are celebrities we have lost this year.


No one knows the hour or the time death will emerge, nonetheless it will come knocking on everyone’s door one after the other.


While 2019 has been a productive year in the entertainment industry, unfortunate events and unforeseen circumstances have also played out.

This year, we lost a handful of celebrities to the cold hands of death.


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Without further ado, here is the list of celebrities we have lost in 2019.


  1. Eddie Ugboma

Eddie Ugboma died at the age of 78 on May 11 after a health challenge. He would be remembered for his role as Oyenusi in a film of the same title.


2. Henry Okoro

Henry Okoro died on May 11 following injuries sustained during a fatal accident.

He was an actor before taking a backseat to work as director and producer after a decade. He died at 36.


3. Adio Majester

He died at age 50. He featured numerous movies and a number of stage plays in his career as an actor.

Adio Majester passed away on Tuesday, May 7 in the intensive care of an undisclosed hospital.


4. Prince Dammy Eke

Prince Dammy Eke died on April 28. He gave up the ghost at the age of 41.


5. Alfred Rotimi Popoola

Popoola has featured in several Nollywood movies including ‘Aiye Foreign,’ and ‘Ropo Ijogbon.’

Alfred Rotimi Popoola passed away on Thursday, February 27 in Abeokuta, Ogun state. He died at 51.


6. Duke ‘LinChung’ Oliver

Duke ‘LinChung’ Oliver passed away on April 2 at age 45.

He passed away after a car crash on his way to Lagos from his mom’s burial. He is famous for his role as Sylvanus in the sitcom, ‘Do Good.’


7. Abe Ishola Monsurat Olabisi

Abe Ishola Monsurat Olabisi passed away on Saturday, March 30 at age 39. Her death was announced days after she delivered a baby girl.


More celebrities who kicked the bucket too early


8. Adewale Olanrewaju

Adewale Olanrewaju popularly known as  ‘I show Larry’ died on Monday, January 21 at the age of 36.

The Yoruba actor who commenced his career as a makeup artist and costume manager.  According to reports, his health deteriorated drastically before he gave up the ghost.


9. Fasasi ‘Dagunro’ Olabanke

Veteran Nollywood actor, Fasasi Olabanke, popularly known as Dagunro is dead. He gave up the ghost during the early hours of Thursday, June 13, 2019.


10. Funmilayo ‘Ijewuru’ Ogunsola

Funmilayo ‘Ijewuru’ Ogunsola passed away on Monday, February 4 in Ibadan at the age of 58. She was a popular actress and was married to the late movie star, Ishola ‘I show Pepper’ Ogunsola.

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