2-year-old boy fights for his life after dog rips off his genitals

2-year-old boy fights for his life after dog rips off his genitals

A 2-year-old boy was left in agony after his private part was ripped apart by a dog on his birthday.


The 2-year-old boy identified as Yegor was found in a pool of blood by his parents on Friday, September 18.


The horrific incident occurred in the small town of Selydove, eastern Ukraine, on Friday, September 18, as the family were celebrating the boy’s second birthday.


Reports say the toddler walked outside unnoticed while his parents were sitting at a festive table with their guests.


Yegor was wandering around the courtyard when the dogs broke out of their enclosure and attacked him.


Noticing the child’s absence, the parents went to search for him. They found him on the floor with the dogs still tearing him apart.


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The dogs ripped off the boy’s genitals, anus and tore the femoral artery on his left leg, say local media.


Considering the severity of his injuries, Yegor was transported by a military helicopter to the city of Dnipro.


He was admitted to Dnipro Regional Children’s Hospital where four crews of surgeons started battling for his life.


It took medics five hours to restore his damaged blood vessels, bladder and intestines. They also removed tissues “that had been chewed by the dogs.”


Doctors are now trying to save the boy’s left leg from amputation, reports said.


Equally important, Yegor remains in intensive care.


His condition is critical and doctors have not speculated on his chances for survival.




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