20 Interestingly useful Websites

20 Interestingly useful Websites

Hello there and welcome to another exciting episode of TechTalk with Jay. Last time, we talked about some great inventions and innovations. If you missed it, you may click here.

This week, we would be talking about 20 useful websites that you should visit. These websites have been carefully selected, based on their relevance, acceptability, reviews and ratings. They include websites that are filled with loads of helpful contents, fun, learning and a whole lot more.

Come along, as we are about to experience a whole new use of the internet.

20 Useful Websites

  1.  SabiNews : This is the best site for Nigerian news, local and foreign updates,. It is always the first to report major National, and Foreign News as they break. There is always a new reason to be on sabinews 24/7.
  2. Linkedin : This is a business-oriented social networking service, which is an essential productivity site for professionals, artisans, school leavers, Job seekers etc.
  3. – You can send a fax online for free with this website. Very useful for international correspondences.
  4. – With this site, you can broadcast a live audio message over the internet.
  5. HowStuffWorks : This site explains thousands of topics, from Engines, Automobiles, Aircrafts, to door mechanism, torch, etc with videos and illustrations so you can learn how everything works
  6. Ge.Tt : This site lets you easily Share and Send Files, regardless of size.
  7. WornONtv.Net : This site is for Artistes’ wannabes.  The site lets you find outfits and Fashion styles, as worn by Stars on TV Shows.
  8. PdfEditor – Now, you can edit PDF documents using this website.
  9. Duolingo : An interesting website where you can learn different languages.
  10. OldVersion : You can get older version of any Software from this website. It works for both PC and Mobile devices.
  11. Ninite.Com  : A site that helps you Install and update all selected useful programs at once on your PC.
  12. Flip Text :  A fun way of making your friends turn their phones 360 degrees, to read your texts. It works on all social media sites too. sıɥʇ ǝʞıן buıɥʇǝɯos
  13. manualsonline : You can get manuals on a lot of things. From TV sets, Cars, Cooking utensils, and a whole lot more, in PDF format
  14. Coursera :  This is a website that offers tons of free online courses for you to choose from. From Engineering, to Fashion Designing, Plumbing, Coding, PC repairs, culinary arts and a whole lot more.
  15.  Strip Creator : This is a fun way of creating your own comics. A very addictive website I must say
  16. Account Killer: This website lets you delete your profile, account etc permanently on any social media account forever, not just disabling them.
  17. : With this website,you can quickly shorten a  link to a few characters which can come in handy on sites with limited character count.
  18. : This website gives you a ranking of websites in the world, based on their popularity, The lower a site is ranked, the better.
  19. Wikipedia : This is the 7th most visited website in the world, packed with information about virtually all topics you can think of. An online Encyclopedia
  20. : This site offers a tremendous amount of step by step instructions for a variety of tasks. From how you can build your own aircraft, to how you can increase your car alarm’s distance and a whole lot more.
  • Bonus link- Just as the name implies, this  link gives you a history of all you have ever searched on Google, with an option to delete.

I hope you found some of the sites interesting? Don’t forget to Bookmark the ones you find useful, entertaining and relevant to your lifestyle, career etc.

Keep a date with me next week, as we explore more into the infinite world of Technology. Till then, I remain yours technically, Jay – remember, this is not my real face o

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Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer. [email protected]

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