2021 – 2022: Out with the old, in with the new – Peju Akande

2021 – 2022: Out with the old, in with the new  – Peju Akande



2021 is almost taking a bow out…



I remember when the pandemic first hit late 2019 and early in 2020. Speculations were rife that Nostradamus, the French Astrologer, had predicted it in his book, Les Propheties; a collection of quatrains published in 1555.


Not too long after, this theory was dropped and the 5G theory spread like the virus itself; killing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.



Last year at the tail end of 2020, it seemed to have survived the pandemic alone as reason to celebrate. Then we got hit with the ripple effects of the pandemic:


Thousands of people lost their jobs worldwide; businesses crumbled across the world; families became disintegrated…worldwide and though it seemed the issues were global, yet, it felt unique. We began to describe working from home as a new normal; we described social distancing a new normal, wearing of masks a new normal and we all took to social media like never before!



2021 - 2022: Out with the old, in with the new  - Peju Akande


Also, we went to church, attended funeral services, conferences, birthdays, schools worldwide like correspondence classes; even babies had to learn online; business meetings and business deals and interviews were conducted online…we practically all lived online…


Then came the vaccines! Agreed, hurriedly invented, in the history of vaccines invention, yet given the nature of the virus, quite understandable.


When we emerged after the lockdown and began to read, see, hear that the vaccines had ulterior effects; many people began to question the need for it. Why didn’t so many people die, especially in Africa as earlier predicted? Till date, Nigeria has lost over 3000 souls to the pandemic. This is almost insignificant when  compared to the United States that has lost over 800,000 souls!



In a country where life expectancy at birth is some 51 years old; where terrorists and bandits have taken more than 3000 souls in the last few years; 3000 lost souls seems a small price to pay; (until, of course, you lose a loved one to the virus and you then understand); some are thinking, maybe the pandemic didn’t hit so hard after all.

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We took it all in our stride and like they used to say in social media circles; (not sure what the latest saying is…it changes too often) we began to live our best lives…



We fought banditry aka terrorism. Also, we fought kidnapping of school children, especially up north; we cried over the loss of kidnap victims, over our government’s ineptitude in the face of armed brigandage.



We wondered about the future of a country that tethers on a precipice and willed it to tip back for the sake of our children.



When death came to many high and lowly Nigerians and we asked ourselves over and over again at each burial site; what is the true meaning of life?



But thankfully, the year 2021 has run its course and we are glad to see it go.



2021 - 2022: Out with the old, in with the new  - Peju Akande ,



We are no longer making New Year resolutions because I think we are wiser now; knowing every day, regardless of what day or year it is, is a present; an opportunity to start something afresh, start all over on a new slate.



If 2020 shocked us, 2021 was an eye opener to possibilities we never imagined.



2022 should, therefore, be a year to apply lessons learned in the pandemic years…But no one can truly know what the New Year will birth.



Nobody knows tomorrow, not even Nostradamus!

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