2021 might not be what you’re expecting – Ella Temisan

2021 might not be what you’re expecting – Ella Temisan


I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, folks, but I think I owe you a not so friendly reminder.
This 2021 we are hyping like it’s the turn of a new millennium might not be what you expect.
I think it will be best not to get too excited before we begin another round of had-I-known in September.
I want to be optimistic and encourage all the good vibes that are normal for New Year celebrations. But with the way year 2020 surprised us, I’m not very comfortable encouraging that kind of optimism. Let’s be honest, only a miraculous apocalypse can erase the horrors 2020 has left us with.
Again, remember that I don’t mean to be the bringer of bad news or even, God forbid; bad vibes but we must talk about these things so that we are not taken unawares.
There are certain things, conditions, that were not solved in 2020 that will follow us into 2021. In Lagos, amenities are not getting better. The problem with Apapa Ports has not been solved. Also, the cost of imported goods is not reducing anytime soon.
What do you imagine this situation will be like in 2021? Without fast action, it won’t go well. I see a toug!h year of buying and selling goods.

2021 might not be what you’re expecting - Ella Temisan

How about the most obvious thing that makes living in Lagos painful? The traffic jams! Nobody deserves the level of stress that Lagos traffic gives. It is the number one reason why I think youthful energy and urban development needs to be evenly distributed amongst the other 34 states and the FCT in Nigeria. So that tired Lagosians can relocate in peace.

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Most importantly to keep in mind for 2021 is the Coronavirus and all its emerging variants. The pandemic is still in the air. Further, it is not going anywhere until, I don’t know, a scientific miracle happens. We are thankful for all the vaccines.

But we know how fast these things take before they reach our side of the world. Do yourself a favour and don’t forget to stay safe always.
Another thing, the Police Force is still being a menace. Yet, the government is still silent. But we keep it moving because we have to.
Lastly, I really hope our dreams and aspirations for 2021 come to pass. Don’t get carried away with prophecies and mantras. Take it easy and do your best.
May all the good things you deserve come to you. Have a wonderful new year.

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