2023: Of Buhari, Tinubu, and the kiss of Absalom

2023: Of Buhari, Tinubu, and the kiss of Absalom


Tinubu the Messiah?

There is this Biblical classic of an epic betrayal between father and son. The Bible records that Absalom the second son of David, killed his brother Amnon, who unprincely raped his (Absalom’s) sister, Tamar.


Their father, King David, who incidentally had the burden of equally killing, Uriah the Hittite, his top army commander, and marrying his wife, Beersheba, was left with no option but to banish his favorite son (Absalom) to Geshur.


When Absalom returned after three years, he plotted one of the most treacherous coups ever in history against his father. This, he began by mounting early in the morning at the only gate that leads to Jerusalem, his father’s Zion.

The Bible records that for anyone that came with a case, Absalom would kiss him/her, and tell the complainant that he/she had won the case. And he will always add, “Oh, if I were made a king in Israel, everybody that had a case will be treated fairly”. (paraphrased). And that was how he won the hearts of, all of Israel, including Ahitophel, his father’s most trusted special adviser.

Tinubu and Buhari Presidency

Well, we may not know what transpired between General Muhammadu Bihari (rtd), and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, during the 2015 audacious campaign of chasing Goodluck Jonathan out of Aso Rock. In the realm of speculations, there is an alleged agreement that if Tinubu helped “Sai General” to achieve his long-desired ambition of becoming both a Military and civilian leader of Nigeria, the latter will succeed him. As I said, this is in the realm of speculations. But the reality is that there is the kiss of Absalom currently going on concerning Buhari’s successor.

By definition, the kiss of Absalom is that of deceit, double standard, and betrayal.


What to do with Tinubu.


APC chairmanship aspirants clash in Abuja


We might not admit it in public, the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, has reached its wit’s end in President Buhari’s successor. The lion of Bourdillion is on everyone’s neck. APC, and by extension, President Buhari, can no longer breathe. Though the former Lagos State governor has not told, of any agreement, between the Co-leaders of APC, he has shown by his desperation that something or somebody is out of the joint.

Asiwaju, from the inception of this administration, has left no one in doubt that he wants to rule Nigeria. He has had a dream like Joseph in the Bible, although wild and crazy, that the Moon and the Stars will bow to him.

Well, to be honest, Tinubu has paid his dues. From his NADECO days to his battle with the Olusegun Obasanjo presidency, Tinubu has left no one in doubt that he is a dogged fighter. A fighter for a cause. Beyond all human expectations, he massaged the dreaded Buhari to become a saint for World, preparatory to the 2015 victory. When the history of Buhari’s presidency is written, Asiwaju will be mentioned as the most audacious factor who made “Chanji” happen.




Tinubu with Kano Ulamas

The Northern Cabals, not Buhari, are the stumbling block, from Tinubu to Aso Rock. When Aisha Buhari cried about the cabals hijacking, her husband, and his government, many Nigerians glossed over it. Today, the fair lady is having the last laugh. Unfortunately, Tinubu may be the ultimate victim.


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This shadowy group, who metamorphosed from the famous “Kaduna Mafia”, have constituted themselves as defacto kingmakers, whose words are, Yes and Amen. They are the ones who determine when the President meets his wife, or when he will go for his routine medical checkup in Queen Elizabeth’s England. The cabals, or more appropriately, the elites of Foxes from the North, virtually dictate what happens in Aso Rock. With a somewhat weak Buhari desperate to end his tenure, and return to his Daura cattle; These cabals have made sure that nobody gets anything without their approval. And this, incidentally, includes the candidature of the preferred party, or the presidency itself. They may be diverse in dressing, but what binds them is their collective stranglehold of Nigeria.



touted messiahs: image of Osinbajo and Tinubu


Like the Pharisees would always say, “Kill the leader and the followers will scatter”. Tinubu’s strength is his followership which he has built over the years. Unfortunately, this strength has become his weakness. By decimating his foot soldiers, the Cabals made sure that the Lion will crawl on all fours to seek their help. Through enticing and hypnotizing, the strong men of Tinubu were lured away to Aso Rock. With irresistible juicy positions, they were turned into the proverbial “zombie”. The shepherd could no longer understand the voice of the sheep, nor the sheep the shepherd. The main strong backbones: VP Yemi Osinbajo, Ministers Rauf Aregbesola, Babatunde Fashola, the tricky Kayode Fayemi, and the rejected Akinwunmi Ambode, were surreptitiously turned against their master and benefactor. The commander was left with the “Vuvuzuelas”.



Asiwaju may be down, but not certainly out. With his current dance with death, in pursuing those that have already determined his Presidential fate, the Warrior may still breathe his final breath, by upturning the applecart of the Northern oligarchs. To his eternal credit, he is widely connected, rich and influential, both in Nigeria and overseas. Blessed with a cerebral mind and fanatical followership. Underrate him at one’s peril.



However, the fear is that the man has been hugely wounded and humiliated. Like Buhari, who went through similar emotions, Tinubu is now hardened. He had helped others, thinking that there is a payback day. But the payback is in pains, betrayals, and insults. Those he empowered, especially President Buhari, are now looking at his ambition with the utmost contempt. He is now a stranger at the party, he single-handedly bankrolled. Begging to be accommodated. While the later-day sojourners are now feasting with the king, Tinubu is looking for the crumbs.

That is the most humiliating aspect. But not to worry. Though Joseph’s dream was wild and crazy, nevertheless, it came devastatingly true. So, if the Jagaban of Borgu, nay Nigeria politics dreams, or professes, hope springs eternal in his presidential dreams, no one should be in a hurry to dismiss his dreams. You might just lack knowledge of the right interpretation.

“Dream, Dream, Dream! All I have to do is, dream”, sings a musician.


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