Sarah Palin endorses Trump for president

Sarah Palin endorses Trump for president

Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for president on Tuesday, becoming the first current or former statewide elected official in the US to back the real estate mogul for the White House.

The former vice-presidential candidate announced her endorsement of the Republican frontrunner at a much ballyhooed event which took place inside a heated barn on the Iowa State University campus.

Appearing on stage, Trump recited his poll numbers and gloried in his support among Republican voters for 25 minutes, before introducing “an incredible person, with an incredible husband and an incredible family”:Sarah Palin.

“Media heads are spinning,” Palin proclaimed when she took the stage. “This is gonna be. So. Much. Fun.”

In a 20-minute speech, Palin praised Trump and expressed her desire to “Make America Great Again”, using the opportunity to go on a rambling and confused attack on both parties. She condemned Barack Obama’s foreign policy and the Iran deal, and went on to say that under the current administration, “we kowtow and apologize and then bend over and say ‘thank you,enemy’.” Instead, Palin said we should “let our warriors do their job and go kick Isis’s ass.” She also attacked Obama for his 2008 “hopey changy stuff.” Read more

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