US Election: Ted Cruz wins Wisconsin

US Election: Ted Cruz wins Wisconsin

Donald Trump’s path to the GOP presidential nomination got a little narrower on Tuesday as Sen. Ted Cruz handily defeated the businessman in Wisconsin.

“Tonight is a turning point,” Cruz told supporters. “It is a rallying cry. It is a call from the hard-working men and women of Wisconsin to the people of America: We have a choice.” At 1:15 a.m. ET on Wednesday, NBC News reported that Cruz won 33 of the state’s 42 delegates, with Trump taking three delegates. Two districts had yet to be allocated.

The difference matters because Trump’s margin of error to win the nomination is getting extremely small. Each candidate needs 1,237 delegates to clinch it before the convention in July and it’s still plausible Trump gets there. Anything short of that, however, and Cruz becomes the favorite to win at the convention, at which the complicated state-by-state delegate selection process means many of Trump’s delegates are unlikely to support him past the first ballot.  Betting markets now give Trump less than a 50 percent chance of carrying the party standard into the general election, mainly due to his expected weakness in a contested convention. Read more


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