4 basic types of fitness training you should know about

4 basic types of fitness training you should know about



Here are the 4 basic fitness types


What do you do to stay fit? Skip rope, run or perform yoga?

We all have our own preferences when it comes to staying fit. Some like to take a walk in the open air, while others like to sweat it out in the comfort of their home. Some perform yoga to increase their muscle flexibility, while others focus on strength training exercises to build muscles. It has been generally noticed that people stress more on a single kind of exercise.

However, for enhancing the overall fitness level of your body it is crucial to perform different kinds of fitness training methods.

There are four different kinds of a fitness training method that can help to improve your overall health and fitness.



4 basic types of fitness training you should know about


Balancing exercises


We mostly ignore balancing exercise, without realising the fact that it is essential to perform our daily activity. Improving your balance can help you avoid falls and stay active when you age. It also helps to improve athletic performance. Performing free weight exercises, such as lunges and deadlifts, can help to strengthen the stabilizer muscles. You can try single-leg exercises, such as single-leg deadlifts and pistol squats



4 basic types of fitness training you should know about


Aerobic exercises


Aerobic exercise accelerates your heart rate and breathing. It is designed to improve cardiovascular health and is important for your body to function optimally. Aerobic exercises help to strengthen the muscles involved in respiration and near the heart. Performing these exercises helps to burn fat, lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Just doing any aerobic exercise for 30 minutes can prove to be beneficial for your health. Swimming, cycling, brisk walking, stair climbing are some of the best aerobic exercises that you can try.


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The main objective of performing strength training exercise is to increase muscle mass, build strength, stimulate bone growth, improve balance, and reduce the risk of strain or injury to your body. Strength training helps you perform the daily task with ease like carrying groceries, stand up from a chair, and go upstairs. Strength training is typically done with weights. Depending on your goal you can perform exercises like split squat, the kettlebell swing deadlifts.



4 basic types of fitness training you should know about



​Flexibility training

Flexibility training helps you to stretch the muscles and move your joints and tissues to their full range of motion. Most importantly, it improves your performance and reduces the risk of getting injured.

Flexibility training is essential in any kind of fitness training.

Yoga, butt kick, hip roll are some exercises you can do to increase your muscle flexibility.

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