5 things Nigerian musicians need to look out for in 2019

5 things Nigerian musicians need to look out for in 2019
2018 has come and long gone, every superstar should put it behind them and step into the new year.

2019 is rapidly unraveling itself and the entertainment industry especially the powerhouses in the music are steadily resuming work after a busy Christmas schedule.

Prominent singer, Falz announced that his 4th studio album, Moral Instruction will be released on January 15th.  According to the singer, this album is strictly aimed at enlightening and informing his audience.

Just as Falz intends to swerve his music from the ‘boogie’ norm. There are some talents and acts in the music industry that need to be enlightened about the contents that they release to the public.

They need to hear the truth and rise above mediocrity.

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In 2019, it would be essential for singers to look out for these 5 factors that would aid their music.

1. Lyrical Content:

In late 2018, Nigerian superstar, Olamide and his former protegee, Lil Kesh released a controversial song titled ‘Logo Benz’. The singers received backlash from their audience, the lyrics were nefarious and suggested heinous practices.

While the entertainment industry is renowned for promoting obscenity, Olamide took the amorality to a whole new level. The song ‘Logo Benz’ made allusions towards occultism, rituals, cyber theft and pant hijacking. In recent times, the Nigerian society has been scarred by these discrepancies.

It is essential for Nigerian musicians and their management to employ proficient songwriters. In 2019, singers, rappers and poets must endeavor to pay attention to their lyrical content.

2. Personal/Mental Health:

Over a decade ago, the term ‘depression’ and ‘suicide’ were not directly affiliated with Africans. The Nigerian system is conservative and saw the aforementioned terms as a taboo. Hence, it is almost impossible for creatives to open up about the demons that they are battling and bruises that they are nursing.

Behind the glitz and glamour, there is a celebrity with a worn-out body. In 2019, Nigerian celebrities need to visit their doctors, psychologist and counselors more often, they need a shoulder to cry on. We must all adhere to the old adage “your health is your wealth,” celebrities need to cater for themselves more in 2019.

DJ GXee Buried After Committing Suicide

3. The Record label/Management:

Nigerian musicians need to understand the rudiments and purpose of record labels.

Nigerian creatives need to employ a business lawyer or an entertainment lawyer prior to signing a million-dollar record deal, they must know that it is impossible to everything independently.

Kiss Daniel had issues with his record label before he became independent in 2017, also Burna Boy and Runtown. Olamide is has been outspoken about the gruesome treatment of music talents in the industry, according to him, they serve as puppets.

In 2019, Nigerian music talents especially upcoming stars need to get themselves a lawyer and avoid future rift. This would save them energy, time and most importantly money for irrelevant lawsuits and public altercation with the management team.

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4. Creative Execution:

In 2018, numerous singers sounded similar. With the exception of Davido, Wizkid and Burna Boy who are the front men of this music generation, several artistes sounded alike.

There were numerous one-hit wonders in 2018 primarily because everyone wanted to jump on the ‘shaku, shaku’ beat.

Furthermore, it was tedious for several singers to stretch their mind beyond and compose a song that could at least last for almost 4 minutes. Kudos to the music producers, but in 2019 the musicians must understand the rudiments of music. Nobody wants to listen to mediocre music.

5. The Audience and Social Media:

It is very essential for musicians to understand the value and the power of social media. Also social media is a weapon that could be used to build a medium between the superstar and their immediate.

In 2019, celebrities need to understand how they can influence their audience and inform them with their music. If it is possible they should employ social media managers that can help them groom their personal account.


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