See what expert say you should eat before/after workout

See what expert say you should eat before/after workout

Todd McCullough (TMAC) is the founder of TMAC FITNESS and located in Santa Monica, Ca. TMAC FITNESS’s mission is to assist in creating a culture that is conscious of the body and the world in which we live. For more workouts from Todd, please check out his video course, 20 Minutes To Strong, Healthy & Fit: A 7-Day Personal Training Program. And for even more info on all things fitness, check out our awesome video courses.

My food philosophy is pretty simple. If I can plant it, pick it or catch it, then I can eat it. If not, then I stay away. This is the same approach that I take when it comes to pre and post-workout snacks. It’s a big step forward from my teenage days of crushing Ultimate Orange! When I fuel up before a workout, I usually go for a combination of sugar and fat. The sugar gives me energy before the workout, and the fat fuels me through the workout. I don’t always have access to both a sugar and a fat all the time, so I sometimes have to settle for just one.

Here are some natural foods that will prep you for your workouts and help you recover afterwards.

Pre-workout snacks:

    • Handful of Raw Almonds and Blueberries
    • Spoonful of Peanut Butter with a bit of raw honey
    • ¼ Spoonful of Coconut Oil (an old athlete secret)

    Post-workout meals

    For post-workout meals, you need to focus on a combo of protein, fat, carbs and sugar. I suggest getting your carbs from veggies and having a small serving of sweet potatoes if your goal is to lose weight. Remember: Don’t overthink any of this, keep it simple. Just eat real whole food! Read more 


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