Issues that kill relationships every time

Issues that kill relationships every time

While some people are fiercely dedicated to the single life, human nature and evolutionary biology mean that the vast majority of people crave an intimate relationship.

Yet sustaining those relationships is not easy. Roughly 40% of first marriages fail, while subsequent marriages are even less likely to succeed.

The reasons are as varied as the individuals, but here are 6 of the most common.

Trust issues

Trust is absolutely essential to the companionship and intimacy that hold relationships together. Yet it is also one of the hardest things to earn and keep. Trust issues run the gamut from financial choices to emotional dependability.

Often, there is an underlying issue that was never fully discussed and resolved, such as one partner’s gambling spree in Las Vegas or an inability to agree on whether to relocate to a new city. Over time, these unresolved issues can carry over into your daily relationship, casting a cloud of suspicion and doubt over even the most mundane situations.

Infidelity and jealousy

While trust can break down in many facets of a relationship, suspected or confirmed infidelity can be the hardest to overcome. From emotional affairs to physical dalliances, infidelity tends to destroy nearly half of the relationships that it impacts. Even if you decide to stay together, learning to rebuild what you had before is an arduous and emotionally draining experience.

This is equally true in cases where no affair actually occurred, but accusations were made. Because infidelity is such a devastating experience, being falsely accused can feel like an intense personal attack, destroying trust and intimacy. It is absolutely critical that you avoid making accusations without proof, and talk out any fears or doubts you have in a non-threatening and open way. Read more

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