Women more likely to stay with bearded men- Study

Women more likely to stay with bearded men- Study

Investigators found that women are more likely to be attracted to stubbled men for short-term relationships, while full-bearded men are the preferred choice for long-term relationships.

Study co-author Barnaby Dixson, of the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland in Australia, and team publish their findings in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology.   What makes a man attractive to a woman is a question that has divided researchers for decades.

According to Dixson and colleagues, studies have shown that in the short term, men with more masculine facial features – such as a wider jawline and a more pronounced brow ridge – are considered more attractive.

In other studies, researchers have suggested that for long-term relationships, women prefer men with less masculine facial features, perceiving them to be more caring and considerate. So where does facial hair fit in? While beards are generally considered a more masculine facial feature, results have been mixed as to how they influence women’s mating preferences. Read more 

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