5G iPhone SE expected to be announced in March

5G iPhone SE expected to be announced in March



Apple’s iPhone SE is meant to be a more affordable version of the iPhone for those who want an iPhone but don’t want to pay flagship prices for it.


However, one of the “compromises”; that Apple had to make was to exclude certain higher-end features for it to keep costs down, such as 5G.


However, that is expected to change this year because according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter; he claims that Apple will be announcing a 5G iPhone SE model at their event this coming March.


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This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the 5G iPhone SE; which will be the first iPhone SE to support 5G; but we weren’t sure when it would be announced.


Apple typically hosts several events throughout the year, and March/April is usually the first event of the year.


It usually sees Apple announce updated Mac computers and iPads, and this year it seems that we can also expect the 5G iPhone SE to be announced.


According to the rumors, the 2022 iPhone SE will continue to use the same body/design as the previous models; so the main upgrades like a newer processor, possibly more RAM, a better camera, and 5G will all be under-the-hood changes.

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