6 basic things you must never do in a night club

6 basic things you must never do in a night club

It is always a fun time to be out with your friends partying and having a good time. However, going to nightclubs would be a lot more enjoyable if revelers became aware of their surroundings. This awareness would include other party goers and kept basic etiquettes.

Things not to do:



1. Hitting on other women

If you want to survive in a nightclub, it is better to go with your woman. I’m not saying you shouldn’t hit on other women but, you should avoid women that are with their guys if you don’t want any trouble.

This is because very few guys will take it lightly with you if they find out that you are hitting on their woman.

2. Be rude to the bathroom attendant

Why do people think it’s okay to be rude to the person with the toughest job at a club? This person has to deal with drunk adults acting like children, dirty bathrooms and long nights. Be nice to them. And it won’t hurt to leave them a tip.

3. Too much alcohol

Don’t drink yourself silly if you don’t have someone to watch over you and tame you. While very few people drink moderately, others drink to stupor and this is where the problem lies.

Many fail to ask this singular question: ‘How will I get home if I get tipsy?’

4. Don’t take pictures

It is fun to capture some memories but at times it is completely a NO! Most nightclubs are dark. Do you know what it’s like to go from being in a dark room to have your eyes exposed to a bright, stabbing light?



5. Don’t harass the bartender

This is never cool at all. There is no one more annoying than that particular person who walks up to a crowded bar and yells, “Hey, bartender!” and wags his money at the man pouring drinks.

This only disgraces you! First of all, you are by no means any more important than any of the people who are waiting patiently for a cocktail. Behave!

6. Dancing on tables and chairs

Some revellers lose control and start dancing everywhere. Never make a mistake of dancing on the tables and chairs. Respect other revellers in the club.


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