The two most vital skills for a successful relationship

The two most vital skills for a successful relationship

What makes a healthy relationship differs from couple to couple, but it turns out there are two key ways to safeguard your bond. Robert Epstein of the University of the South Pacific Fiji conducted a study to find out what they were.

The 2013 report found that there are actually seven key skills required to create a strong and happy relationship are; communication, life skills, self-management, knowledge of your partner, sex, stress-management and conflict resolution.

But, after repeating it last year, Epstein discovered that out of these seven, two mattered the most.

The study concluded that the secret to a healthy relationship lied in mastering communication and increasing your knowledge of your partner.

This might sound obvious but, after quizzing more than 2,000 adults, the study revealed that those who scored high in these two skills were the most satisfied with their partner. Read more 


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