Signs you’re ready to break-up with your partner

Signs you’re ready to break-up with your partner

Now that the pressure of Valentine’s Day is over, you may find yourself realizing that your relationship isn’t really making you happy anymore. If you’re starting to feel hesitant about continuing forward, you may be looking for surefire signs that you’re ready to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s a tough call to make — because a lot of times, it’s hard to figure out whether or not his or her specific quirks are actually offensive, or something you can live with in the long run. Nobody’s perfect, and everyone comes with their own set of faults. So, is the fact that they make a weird noise when they eat bananas a reason to split? Tough to say.

All in all, you need to look at the big picture. You’re likely at a stage in life where you’re wondering whether or not this person is “the one.”

Here are a few big hints that you might need to cut your losses.

  1. Hanging out with them is kind of a chore.

Let’s just say, you never totally look forward to it. It’s more like something you need to check off of your to-do list. Think back to Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. We all saw how Rory treated (poor, poor) Paul. If you found yourself relating, do this person a favor and cut them loose ASAP. Stringing them along just isn’t good for anyone. Just break up already.

  1. You don’t want them to meet your parents.

Are you above the age of 18? Then these types of interactions shouldn’t be embarrassing. It’s always tough to have your new guy or girl meet your mom and dad, but when you try your hardest to avoid it entirely, you’re doing it for a reason. Simply put, you don’t think it’s worth it. Read more 


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