Why you should never ask your friends for dating advice

Why you should never ask your friends for dating advice

If you’re not being ghosted, you’re being breadcrumbed; if you’re not being breadcrumbed, you’re being gaslighted; and if you’re not being gaslighted… I’ve lost track, but it’s probably bad.

Fortunately, your friends are always on hand with advice and wisdom gleamed from their own experiences – and they are only too willing to share.

This is precisely why you should never ask them for it.

Your friends have your back but they also have their own, albeit unconscious, agenda that will colour their counsel.

Just look at these guys.

The Jaded Dater

Meera is exhausted. Her last date turned up drunk, an improvement, at least, on the one before him who didn’t turn up at all. You weren’t going to tell Meera that you suspected your boyfriend was cheating but now, it’s all come out.  Meera is sat opposite, dragging on her third Marlboro.

‘He is definitely cheating,’ she says before you’ve finished the sentence.



When it comes to dating, Meera has been there, done it and bought the 90s revival crop top. This makes her adept at spotting the signs but her life is viewed through a lens of cheating bastards. Read more 


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