7 days to go: Social Media users anticipate commencement of Big Brother Naija 4

7 days to go: Social Media users anticipate commencement of Big Brother Naija 4

Fans of the popular reality show, Big Brother Naija have taken to their respective social media accounts to announce their voracious anticipation for the competition to kickoff.


The 4th season of the reality show is scheduled to kick off on Sunday, June 30th, 2019.


Big Brother Naija, Africa’s number one reality television show, is making a highly anticipated return on June 30 and Nigerians all over the world are beyond giddy with excitement.


Although the show makers, MultiChoice Nigeria, have not officially announced the theme for the new season, graphics and posters reading “Spicy Hot” have been deployed all over social media to promote the show.

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Apart from the show’s endless supply of drama and sheer entertainment, Big Brother Naija has been able to excite Nigerians, and Africans, in a way that no other show on this part of the Atlantic can.

Somewhere between the colourful characters the show makers select every year and the odd but interesting tasks that the Housemates have to engage in, therein lies the secret of the Big Brother Naija magic formula.


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One distinct element that Big Brother Naija possesses, is that it has made its success elusive and many times unattainable for copycats and knock-offs is its ever-changing nature.

It’s an intricate and delicate balance that MultiChoice has mastered and been able to recreate successfully for three seasons. The first season of Big Brother Naija first aired back in 2006.


Much like many first attempts, season one was a glorious run of trail, error and lessons learned.


When the show came back in 2017 with the “See GoBBe” theme, it was clear that the producers had done their homework, made some necessary adjustments and were ready for business.


2018’s Double Wahala edition was a result of a seamless broadcast of entertainment which had Nigerians everywhere hooked.

Nigerians are voraciously awaiting the return of the reality show on the screen. Here are some of the tweets garnered from Twitter.

Read them below.

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