7 Unique Gift Ideas

7 Unique Gift Ideas

Gifting is not an easy business. The hours that go into agonizing over getting the perfect gift for your significant other cannot be measured.

Very often people say it is the thought that matters but we all know that the thought and the gift need to find a meeting point. Which is why it is important that you understand that these gift ideas will not make much of an impact if the person you’re giving the gift to ends up not using them.  So put some thought into it, if necessary add a twist to these ideas we have curated for you and enjoy the smile of pleasure that lights up on the receiver’s face. You’re welcome.


  1. One year supply of skin care products. Or six months. Or three months. What this says is that you pay attention to your SO’s beauty regimen and love what they use. Just make sure to get the right products so your gift doesn’t backfire.
  2. A painting/sculpture for the art-loving partner. If you can afford it, you can commission their favourite local artist to do something specially for them. If not, there are several galleries where affordable items are sold.
  3. An unlimited gift card to a local bookshop for the book-loving bae. You don’t want to set a book lover loose in a bookshop with an unlimited card. LOL. A gift card within your means will do. Book lovers are the easiest people to buy gifts for. A mug with their favourite book quote. You can have a new wallpaper with their favourite book passages put up in their/your apartment or the ultimate, an autographed copy of a book by their favourite author.
  4. A prank gift (followed very quickly by another gift). If bae has a wild sense of humour, what better way to create great memories for them than by pranking them on Valentine’s Day? The internet is full of great ideas and since you know them, you know what will work best.
  5. For the foodie, organising a private food tasting event for them will be pure heaven. You don’t have to prepare the meals yourself. Just have small dishes set beautifully (presentation matters) and voila!
  6. The child at heart will scream for joy at cartoon themed gifts. Silly, but have you met fans of Gru’s minions? They exist. Whether it be Dory, or the Lion King, or Frozen, items personalised with a favourite cartoon theme will drive them crazy.
  7. What do you think the travel-lover will enjoy? If they’re planning a trip, you can get them a new travel bag. Especially those once that are all-purpose and have one million pockets for stowing away stuff. You can also do a montage with pictures from all the place they have visited/want to visit and let it roll while you treat them to a destination-themed dinner right there in your living room.

The secret really is knowing what your partner loves and finding a way to incorporate it into a gift. These ideas are not exhaustive but you get the pattern. Now go ahead and flourish.

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