6 things you should never do as a wedding guest

6 things you should never do as a wedding guest

We all love the attend weddings! Being invited to a wedding can make for an exciting weekend, but do you know there are some unwritten rules to attending weddings? I bet you didn’t know. Here are some things you shouldnt do when invited to a wedding

Don’t RSVP With an Uninvited Plus One
Pay close attention to your invitation when it arrives: The envelope will hold all the clues as to whether you’ve been invited with a guest or not. If only your name is on the envelope, you’ve been invited solo. While you might be tempted to call and ask for a guest, or simply add a second person to your RSVP, don’t. Remember that the couple has both space and budget constraints to work with, and you could be causing undue stress by asking them to change their plans!

If your significant other was named, you must RSVP with that person or choose to go alone — that invite is non-transferrable! (The only possible exception is if you were invited with a boyfriend or girlfriend and the two of you broke up. Call the bride or groom to check whether it would be alright for you to bring a friend, but be prepared for them to say they’d prefer that you come alone instead of bringing someone they’ve never met.)

If your invitation read “and Guest,” you do have the flexibility to invite whomever you’d like. Keep the event in mind, though — check with the couple before you opt to bring your child instead of an adult friend, and pick someone you know would be comfortable in the environment.

Don’t Arrive with a Guest If You Weren’t Invited With One
Along the same lines as only RSVPing for those who were named on the invitation envelope, RSVPing for just yourself and arriving with a guest anyway is a big no-no. A good host and hostess (or wedding planner) will find a way to squeeze you in at a table, but you’re asking for the couple to focus on accommodating you instead of focusing on one another and could throw a wrench in their carefully-planned seating arrangements. Read more


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