Every body will blow, given time – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Every body will blow, given time – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

I am not a hard core hip hop fan.
I love almost all genres of music. I am even not stuck on music of my youth. Then there were big vocals and ballads. R&B was still a cool dude and not the struggling bald middle aged person it has become. A lot has changed and it isn’t bad if you ask me. I can allow trap music to hold tight to my ankle, I may even surprise you by mumbling along to the songs that don’t seem to have words we understand (not to talk of sense like mans not hot).

I find Cardi B’s voice grating but since I am immersed in pop culture, it is difficult to escape Bodak Yellow. I have accepted it is a chart topping song and refuse to allow her voice or accent make me look like a hater.
I think it is very redundant to keep talking about the ‘good ole days’. Every day is a good day.

See, this my long intro is to explain how come I found myself almost 2 hours in the loose talk podcast (Pulse Tv) listening to N6 talk about the Nigerian hip hop scene as navigated by him.

I may be in the age range of proper adulting with children in tow but hey, I like to know what is happening.
There was a twitter fight revolving around MI and his posse and N6 the OAP at cool fm.
It was pretty much a dart game before N6 came in with the big guns and then there was silence everywhere.

Who is this N6 dude? I wondered. I was not familiar with him or his music.
I spent a whole evening familiarizing myself with all I could get my hands on. And I was impressed.

N6 is absolutely madly talented.
If you ask me, I rank him high up there. At shoulder level (ha ha! If you see MI and N6, you will get why I laughed at them being shoulder to shoulder) with MI when he is not hawking music. I mean an MI that is solely rapping for the culture and not the coins.

So how come I am just knowing about N6.
Why isn’t he there shutting things down and taking pictures on a G wagon and endorsing shit?
Like, an Ice Prince blew. And we do know that he is a bit deficient lyrically.
As an adult, I can clearly tell why. It isn’t really about hard work or talent. Those things are excellent. But to succeed, you need more than that.

It is about time and chance.
Sometimes you don’t get to give birth to something really big because you came too early (and if you do not see the pun in this then I have failed as a writer). Other times, the opportunities never came even though you worked hard and prepared.
Call it luck or favour but sometimes an opportunity opens up just as you arrived. And yes you worked hard enough to be prepared and had talent to boot. But there was perfect timing that came by chance.
Then you blew.
The frustration for people that never really blew even though they had the stuff is real. To know you are equal to the stars but have no place in the sky gives sleepless nights.

Now that everyone can say anything to anyone because of social media, people are more than willing to label you a failure. This is because they know you had this dream that did not materialise. They throw shade asking questions
“Who know am?”
Good question but that doesn’t change that a person that is talented is just talented. Whether you have heard about him or not.

I know a bit about this because I was a promising vocalist with some success before I got married and moved from the north. I can still carry a tune. But I struggle to venture because the game has changed and I am not sure if my time is up. Sometimes I hear a song I could totally do much better than the person singing and I feel a sense of frustration. This wrong timing thing is real.

There is also the matter of chance or opportunity.
This is very important because some people are able to recognise opportunities and make quick decisions to ride on the back of chance. Some people dilly dally and the horse runs along never to come back that way.
I am not again, not saying that people that are successful are so not because they have what it takes. I am saying that having what it takes comes a dime a dozen. The right timing and a chance opening are not things that people manufacture.
Will I tell people to give up?
Absolutely not.

N6 fit still blow.
There are other doors to relevance; your skill will be useful and propel you in the direction you have always craved. I mean, Joe Budden is getting a lot more spotlight on him now that he is discussing music and his experience makes him fascinating to listen to. N6 is an OAP. Listening to him on Loose Talk was very interesting. I daresay, he as an OAP is like a tailor made fit.
I do have one prayer as a person with plenty abilities that haven’t quite crystalized. I pray for another opportunity. I pray for the hair to grow back like Samson. That I may bring down the house again. I hate to think that my time is gone forever.
If feels good not to write about children and breastfeeding for once.

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