Don’t even argue, women are powerful – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Don’t even argue, women are powerful – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Women; these sly devils with their long eyelashes, come and do eyes as well as succulent breasts and thighs.
She looks at you with her head tilted and eyes that light up your crotch directly completely boycotting your brain.

She comes close to you but the soft scent of jasmine that is the force field around her meets you first. She laughs at what you say and your brow furrows slightly because you are not even sure if what you said was funny. She then places her palm lightly on your arm in a seemingly spontaneous touch that unbeknownst to you was craftily premeditated.

Women, master manipulators creating commotion and illusion and passing on ideas while they smile coquettishly at the men who beat their chests like gorillas as they roar out in primal arrogance the things orchestrated by their women.

The ingenuity of this all is that these men stand on the originality of their actions. No matter how smart, their ego prevents them from even acknowledging to themselves that someone somewhere is pushing buttons that they react predictably to.

I once spoke with a couple who were torn between different approaches they had on how to tackle a situation. The man made the call as the ‘head’ of house and declared his way was the final way. His wife did not say a word.
I was impressed. She just let it go without an argument.
The next time this man was speaking of the situation in question, to my surprise he gently spoke about how they had decided to do things differently from what he had declared. They were doing it exactly as the wife had suggested.

“I gave it a thought and realised that if we handled this issue in this manner, the outcome will be…”
He faded off in my head as I struggled to listen. His wife was sitting quietly beside him with a smug smile. She was nodding as he spoke.
It never really changed you know.
God himself gave Adam an instruction. But a woman, a WOMAN made him ditch the instruction and risk damnation.

Women are incredibly powerful. They can be in charge without actually being in charge. Ask a rich and powerful man’s relatives. If she does not like them, they will benefit very little from him.
After decades of ruling Zimbabwe, did Robert Mugabe proceed to map out his exit and set Zimbabwe on a path of a life that he will no longer be part of? No! He started making plans to hand over a whole country on a breakfast trolley to his wife.
There was once a couple in Gombe. They had a very bad fight with the man throwing the woman’s belongings out of the house. He would take a box out and she would run and drag in back in. Before long, her things were scattered outside as neighbours hovered behind curtains keeping tabs on the situation. At one point the man threw something out and the woman did not come back out. Then he went back inside the house and then there was silence. An hour or so later, they both came back out taking her things back in. Problem solved.

It could have been a hastily tied towel or wrapper that unravelled. It could have been letting a sleeve far down the arm and allowing more than a shoulder to show… whatever it was, it was effective.

But sex is only just one weapon in a woman’s armoury.
Something about a woman’s adulation feeds men. They will lie, fight, borrow, steal, beg and put their lives on the line to keep the women in their lives.
Before you begin to argue, I am not talking about random women that come and go. I am talking about ‘THE’ woman.

Men who listen to women do better.
They won’t admit this because it is seen as a weakness. It suggests that they are not ‘man’ enough to think through situations and work them out. Woman wrapper, ‘na woman dey control am’ and so much denigration is flung at such men. So a lot of men pretend not to listen. They do not tell other men that they value the opinions of the women in their lives. It is like one man who does the sweeping in the house. Whenever he is sweeping and he hears a male voice approaching his house, he will fling the broom away and even call out ‘WOMAN! Why did you leave this broom lying around?’ for good measure.

A wise man will listen to the woman in his life.
If he wants peace and long life, he SHOULD listen to her. Because you know that oyinbo saying about hell being no match to the fury of a woman scorned is FACT. Keeping an unhappy woman in the house is like lighting up the gas cooker under a pot you are in. This will bring all that is within you to a bubble and my friend, you will no longer be at ease. In fact, you misery will ‘runneth’ over to an over flow.

So what is it about women?
It is everything. It is not just how we look and that we are soft to touch as constructed by God. It is our intuition, it is our emotional intelligence, it is the way our fingertips are able to point at the pulse of a situation. It is how we are able to think and function with all compartments in full motion. It is because we are smart.

But it is also our lips.
It is our eyes.
It is our hips and curves.
It is the soft petals of our centres.
We run the world.

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Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer. [email protected]

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