9 bad habits you must abandon in 2017 – Lucia Edafioka

9 bad habits you must abandon in 2017  – Lucia Edafioka

It is the last week of the year.

While we are all being reflective about the year, making plans for the next year, I have a few things I think, strongly we should all leave behind in 2017.

1. Texting people HBD on their birthdays. If you cannot type out Happy Birthday, there is no point, you don’t have to send a message. Leave this silly behaviour back in 2017

2. Dismissing mental health. This is real, many people are managing various mental health challenges, bravely dealing with life. Even if you can’t understand it, you can shut up instead of bashing them on social media or writing stupid status update

3. Homophobia. I can’t shout about this enough. Stop hating on gay people. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. If you can’t comprehend how two people of the same sex want to be with each other, can you stop hating them? Can you stop preaching hate against them? Same goes for tribalism. Tribe has nothing to do with a person’s character. And there are more than 3 tribes in Nigeria, too.

4. My pain is painer than yours. If someone is talking about their pain, that is not the time to bring up your own, and say yours was worse than theirs. Shut up.

5. Asking people ‘how was the village’ when they travel out of Lagos. Cities outside Lagos are not villages. They are what they are, cities. Stop asking this retarded question. Leave it in 2017.

6. Laughing at people’s source of income. As long as the person is not doing something illegal, you shouldn’t laugh at people’s source of income. Life has ups and downs. Also that attitude of looking down on people especially maids, cooks and security guards. Leave that nonsense attitude in 2017.

7. Asking victims of sexual assault stupid questions: what were your wearing, why did you go there, are you sure you said no. Leave those stupid questions in 2017

8. Contributing to issues you know nothing about- This is for Nigerians who want to explain away racism in America, and join in the debate. Your ignorance is showing, tuck it inside. You really do not have to contribute to every trending topic

9. ‘So you abandoned me’ stop telling people this thing when they call you after a while. They did or didn’t abandon you, but saying ‘sebi you abandoned me’ is a shitty way to start a conversation. Besides a relationship works both ways.

What else do you think we should leave behind in 2017? Let us know in the comments.

Happy New Year, sabinews fam.

Sent from the city village of Warri.

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