99 days for Baba Ijesha and Uduak – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

99 days for Baba Ijesha and Uduak – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha


Baba Ijesha


It has been an unusual week, hasn’t it? Last week was heavy for every Nigerian. The injustice pervading our country is like a heavy fog that refuses to lift.



In its wake, we just feel hopeless. How do you physically move a fog?



So many people lost their lives to violence unleashed for no just reason. From the killing of students of Greenfield to the death of a number of security men in the East.



The feeling that anybody can stand up and do whatever they please and no one will go after them is a terrifying thing. People are literally getting away with murder for reasons that we cannot even spell out. There is an expectation that in a wake of such a seemingly unending tragedy; the people left alive need to be grateful that they are alive and find a way to move on. It isn’t fair. But if no one is committed to giving justice to the victims of violence; dwelling in the aura of injustice is just a personal imprisonment.



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99 days for Baba Ijesha and Uduak - Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



But something happened, or rather two things happened. While I feel very bad for the victims involved; I am happy that it looks like the perpetrators of the crimes against them may be held accountable.


First, it was Baba Ijesha. The news that he had been caught in the act of sexually molesting hit like a Tsunami. There were people who came out and starting speaking from both sides of their mouths.


“I don’t support rape but… let the investigations be completed… Cancel culture is not good… I don’t condone molesting a child but you have to understand that there is a big difference between molestation and rape… It is an accusation.”



I know these types of people exist. I may have even been one of them in the past. They are dangerous people. They are not really interested in the victims getting justice. And they are just supporting their friends.



99 days for Baba Ijesha and Uduak - Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



Iyabo Ojo dealt with this. She carried the matter of Baba Ijesha on her head. She came at every Baba Ijesha apologist. Also, she had seen evidence that this man was guilty of pouncing on a minor.



The news came that he was going to be granted bail. Just like a Yoruba film, we saw Iyabo Ojo, Princess as well as some other women storm Panti to register their displeasure with that possibility.



Then the pressure also started building from behind the scenes asking these women to keep quiet. Asking them not to get involved.


Some even took it upon themselves to insult them. The most ludicrous thing I heard was that people said Baba Ijesha was set up because people were jealous of his success.





That upset me. How? Was he forced to begin to touch a girl he had been left with for a few minutes?



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The speed with which he went at her said a lot about him. This man does not waste time. He seems to also have an affinity for minors. There was no struggle to resist. Imagine anyone leaving a female child with him in his house.



A volley of videos has been released. The one of him confessing and also another of him in the actual act of molestation.


I have read a lot of takes on this. People think the sting operation could affect the case negatively. Why use a kid in a sting operation? Why not use the police to catch him?


Well, whether or not these arguments have merit is irrelevant. Whether he gets a light sentence or no sentence, one thing remains clear. This victim got her day. I say this because Baba Ijesha’s life can NEVER remain the same. This has been a total annihilation of his career as well as integrity. He is a perv to all of us, whether he is convicted or not.


If there are any other victims of this man, be comforted. Justice has a way of sneaking in sometimes. And for the molesters out there still lurking and also finding ways of destroying the lives of young, innocent girls; your day is coming. You may have 99 good days but day 100 will come. And we will not keep quiet.



There are still people out there maintaining that Baba Ijesha is innocent. They are looking for dictionary meanings of sexual harassment, molestation and rape. They are the ones that will say it happened seven years ago, where is the evidence? In fact, they will say he confessed under duress. They will say it was entrapment.


Do not worry about such people. Even if they caught him penetrating a baby; they will still ask what the baby wore or even say it was jazz from his village that made him do it. They will never allow the full weight of responsibility to rest on his shoulders. Forget about them. I don’t know what their problems are. But I pray that someone they love never falls a victim of men like Baba Ijesha.



Secondly, the rape and murder of job seeker, Iniobong Umoren rocked the country today. Preyed upon because she simply wanted to find a job. It is a very painful story.


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But the knowledge that the suspects have been arrested, including Frank Uduak, is a tiny silver lining. God knows how many murders they had gotten away with. Their 99 days are up. Let justice prevail.




In a country that people mostly get away with what they do, I am grateful that these aforementioned people did not get away with it. May this be a deterrent to every criminal out there.


Stay safe, people.


Not just from COVID-19



There is hunger in the land. It is hard to even imagine what evil people can cook up. Days like this I feel that no caution will ever be enough.



But do what you can do.



It is well.

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