Abeg, don’t spit in public – Emeka Nwolisa

Abeg, don’t spit in public – Emeka Nwolisa

Spitting and doing it well is an art. Pregnant women and footballers are professionals when it comes to the art of spitting.


On the street, in the bus and even on the pitch of play, the art of spitting is displayed by them. However, it gets really irritating when it is preceded by a guttural clearing of the throat.


Well, some people carry village for head and are therefore bush people even if their surname is neither ‘Bush’ nor ‘Offia’.


The habit of spitting on the ground and in public is a worldwide act. Sportsmen, especially those jogging and footballers, spit a lot due to exhaustion.


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In most African cultures, pregnancy is a license for indiscriminate spitting. That is, done with reckless abandon.


Indiscriminate spitting on the ground is viewed with distaste in most culture. Spitting on the wall destroys its beauty and contributes to the spreading all kinds of diseases.



When a tuberculosis patient spits on the ground and it dries up, the wind spreads the bacteria in the air.


The bacteria can circulate in the air for hours depending on the airflow in the environment. People who breathe the air containing these TB germs can become infected.


There is also an attendant risk with coming in contact with the sputum of someone with Hepatitis B infection.


In most places in the United States, spitting in public is considered a minor crime. Some places term it a disorderly conduct offense.


In some parts of Arizona State, spitting on sidewalks or in public buildings could carry a $500 fine but in Naija however, nothing dey happen; it’s a ‘spitters’ paradise.


Saliva is a mix of water, electrolytes and mucus. It is a natural mouth disinfectant, helping to break down food and keeps the mouth healthy.

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On the average, each individual produces one to two litres of spit per day.


Saliva is produced round the clock and its production is influenced by the type of food you eat and any stressful condition that obtains.


One’s saliva can truly tell a lot about the individuals’ state of health. When one is stressed, salivary glands amongst other enzymes, secrete salivary alpha-amylase.


This enzyme can be used to assess the impact of maternal stress of pregnancy on the unborn baby.


Saliva also contains opiorphin which is a much stronger pain reliever than morphine. Not only is opiorphin more effective than morphine, but it also doesn’t have any of the addictive side effects.


Researchers think it might also work as an anti-depressant. If opiorphin lives up to its hype, it could revolutionize medicine.


Everyone experiences dry mouth from time to time. It commonly happens when one is nervous, upset, or under a lot of stress.


If you have dry mouth constantly, it can be very uncomfortable and cause difficulties in tasting, chewing, swallowing, and speaking.


The repeated and frequent occurrence of dry mouth can be an indication of some serious health problems or disease which might need evaluation in the hospital.


Bros, to spit or not to spit, is your decision and part of your fundamental rights as a human being and as a Nigerian.


But if you chose to spit, abeg don’t do it in public!

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