Abia House Member Of Difference : Hon Emmanuel Clinton Ebere

Abia House Member Of Difference : Hon Emmanuel Clinton Ebere

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The All Progressives Grand Alliance is one of the parties that Nigerians now look up to as a saviour to her woeful situations. The entry of APGA into the Nigerian political terrain in 2002 challenged the Mbadinuju led PDP-administration in Anambra State and eventually sent it to the gallows thus resurrecting the State from abysmal failure. Today, the party has done for the State what Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest Army Generals of his time, could not do for France.

In other States of the Federation, APGA is gradually positioning itself to replicate the “Anambra Magic” i.e. Transforming Anambra State into a State that “Climbed the Iroko Tree without a Climbing Rope rather with Bare Hand”. APGA has spectacular House members in the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Nasarawa State House of Assembly, Abia State House of Assembly and of course Anambra State House of Assembly. The latest feather to the party is the victory of the Gwagwalada Area Council of Abuja Chairmanship seat plus thirteen Councilors of Niger State in the Local Government Council Election.

In Abia State for instance, the party has not only arrived, it has been devastating in action. The House of Assembly has nine members out of the twenty four member house; the first time APGA members are found seated in the house thus denying the House of Assembly, the usual mono-party House Chamber. But it is not an exaggeration that APGA House members though in the minority, are men among men. To the smooth running of the House proceedings, they are sine-qua-non.

Cezar De Notredame while writing to the King Henry IV about Paris capital of France in his great works “See Paris and Die” said, “Sire, one of the most illustrious works of God is the world and of the world, Europe and of Europe, France and of France, Province of Paris, capital of France. As one of the then seven most beautiful cities of the world, Paris is meant to be a quintessence of beauty, a paradise on earth where lovers of nature would want to visit before translating into immortality. In the same token, among the APGA House members in the Abia State House of Assembly, like Paris, Honourable Emmanuel Clinton Ebere as one-wife husband, is the man to watch.

Ndigbo usually say that a chick that will be a cock is always known at the early stage as at times it will perch at the back of its mother (the hen). Hon Clinton is a man in his early forties but has touched the lives of many people older than him. New Life Foundation, like the egg of a lizard that breaks itself, is the creation of this Man of God and creativity in the House of Assembly, when he was still living in a two-room apartment in a “face me, I face you” building. Like the nose of a dog which has become cold and dry before the harmattan sets in, his foundation had in its employment before becoming an Honourable member, about fifty workers. The foundation visits prison yards, motherless babies homes, destitute homes etc. His Secondary School is free tuition for all students. Just enroll in the school, sew your school uniform, buy your books, then come and acquire white-man’s education to emancipate at no cost. Parents today pay tribute to this “punk hair styled” legislator who shares the same view with Eliza Cook in her “A Song for the Ragged Schools” which offers this piece of advice, “Better build school rooms for “the boy” than cells and gibbets for “the man”.

In December 2015 when Honourable Clinton thanked God for his victory at the polls without going to the tribunal, he donated one million Naira (N1m) for the roofing of the Assemblies of God Church Uratta Road Aba, where the thanksgiving service was held. Clinton as he is known everywhere recently hosted the Executive Committee of the Catholic Political Awareness Forum Aba Diocese where he declared his intention to partner with the group to emancipate Abia State from the clutches of clannish imperialism. The Catholic Political Awareness Forum (CATHPAF) is a non-political Association of Catholics that creates awareness to Catholics in every Parish in Aba Diocese, the Political development in the Ward, Local Government Area, State and the Nation as depict in the sobriquet of the Association: Good Governance, Justice and Equity for Christ. Politics being a game of numbers but because of being apolitical by many Catholics, they are underrated, seen, described and cajoled by non-Catholic politicians as “the leaves of the “Oil- Bean” Tree which are many but cannot serve as a folder, wrapper or water-shade”.

Quite recently, Honourable Emmanuel Clinton Ebere took House members to his constituency (Aba South) to see for themselves the ghetto in his constituency. While the members were amazed at and scared of, by what they saw, Honourable Clinton wore rainboot to “swim” and wobble like duck in the swampy and flooded roads. He has graded many of the rural roads in his constituency and promises to do more during the dry season. Tons of stone-chippings have been acquired by this humble politician for the work.

Hear Honourable Clinton, “I never knew and dreamt of being in this position as my father was a street truck pusher. This is a typical from grass to grace. I do not know how to thank God for what I am today. If he has really called me for this work, he will really not let me down as I will exalt his name more, through my activities.

Honourable Emmanuel Clinton Ebere is a man who believes that he is created to serve in the House of God but at the moment, he is serving the public as a law maker in Abia State House of Assembly. Then as a champion in one’s position in life, one ought to remember that its reign has time limit or expiring date.

Therefore, if one cannot be a mountain, one should be a hill of safety to someone being chased. If one cannot be an ocean sea food for the hunger, one can be a river. In fact whatever the one, one chooses to be, let one be the best of it.


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