About the Ondo HIV Anti-stigma law

About the Ondo HIV Anti-stigma law

Maybe it’s the way the news was reported or the headlines but there’s something about the Ondo state HIV Anti-stigma law.

According to a news report in Vanguard, the law “prescribes a 10 year jail term, fine of N500,000 or both for any person who by whatever means transmits HIV to another person.”  This is the part I take exception to. What purpose does it serve? While I haven’t been able to lay my hands on the complete document (which I hope will give better explanation), this interpretation is just one kind and raises some questions. Does it mean an HIV positive mother who passes on the virus to her child will serve a jail term? Or a cheating husband who infects his wife will pay a fine? (I don’t mind this one in the least sha).

The rest of the law stipulates that “anybody who discriminates against people living with HIV commits an offence and is liable to fine of N100,000 or imprisonment of six months or both.”


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