Achieving family goals for kids

Achieving family goals for kids



Setting family goals sounds like a corporate team-building exercise, and it is except there is a lot more riding here — like, you know, your child’s future.

There is no escaping that pressure, but you might be surprised to see that the goals that make the most impact are not difficult to achieve.

Family goals strengthen your relationship with your husband and your kids, makes your children feel valued knowing they have a say in the team, and will enable parents to create precious teachable moments.

It helps you to live every day of the year as one unit. And it is incredible how much you can achieve together as you become a family with a purpose.


Here are just a few simple goals you can set and work towards achieving with your family this year.


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 #1: Have at least one meal together as a family.

It sounds simple, but some families are finding it difficult because one, people are so busy and have so many things on their plates and two, schedules can get so fluid it’s hard to bring all members together to sit at the table. But with proper coordination and communication, it can be done.

Studies have shown that children who spend regular mealtimes (at least once a day) with their families grow up to be mentally, socially, and even physically healthy (since they tend to make better food choices).



Achieving family goals for kids


#2: Do earlier bedtime…for everyone!

Yes, easier said than done, we know! Start setting regular bedtime routines that you and the kids can follow. And take baby steps in unlearning your “bad” bedtime habits, i.e., scrolling through your Facebook ‘till 1 am, or watching movies ‘till you fall asleep.

If you need motivation, remember that getting enough sleep keeps sickness at bay and allows you to be alert and present with your family the following day.


 #3: Start saving.

If you haven’t started putting aside money for your family, now’s the best time to do so. Better yet involve the entire family in the process, make this your family goal, all while teaching your kids the proper way of handling money and the benefits of putting aside a little for emergency or future use.

Let them maintain piggy banks which they can eventually contribute to the overall family savings. It’s the best teachable moment, one that will allow your kids to learn essential life skills they will carry with them as they grow up.


 #4: Travel or go on an adventure at least once a year.

They say the best gift you can give your family is experience. Making it your goal to go out there and explore the world with the entire family at least once a year will allow you to have a different perspective on things.

Travel will give mom and dad a chance to get away from the pressures of life, and take a step back to get a brand new perspective on things.

Going out to explore what’s out there will teach your kids valuable lessons; it will widen their understanding of how the world works.


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#5: Make learning a skill a family activity.

Is there a skill that you and your spouse have been wanting to learn? Something your kids might be interested in too? Like playing drums or doing wushu? You are never too old to learn something new.

It will keep your mind sharp and allow you to take a step back from the pressures of your daily life. Doing it with the entire family is a precious experience your kids will carry into adulthood.



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