Adesina: Presidential aide blames country’s challenges on ‘evil forces’

Adesina: Presidential aide blames country’s challenges on ‘evil forces’

The Special Adviser, Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Adesina has linked the challenges facing the country to evil forces popularly referred to as ‘Aiye’ in the Yoruba Language.

Adesina made this assertion on Thursday, December 2, in an essay titled “Lessons for Nigeria from EPL”, on Thursday; noting that “Nigeria will rise. And Aiye would lose.”

He also compared Nigeria to Manchester City, an English Premier League (EPL) that recently won the 2020/21 title.

“Recall what happened in the 2019/2020 season. Man City was eyeing a treble. Three back-to-back seasons as champions; and a record in English football. But the adversaries knew the record that was to be set; so they arrayed themselves against the team.

“Just as some forces knew the record that was to be achieved by Muhammadu Buhari as Nigerian President; and which he had begun to show since 2015 when he got into office, they positioned themselves against the government.

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“Every team, big or small, strong or weak, set its sights on Man City last season, flexed muscles, summoned superhuman skills and strength whenever they were meeting the champions attempting a treble.

“The lesson? When you are high-flying, the centrifugal forces will come against you; and it would only take the grace of God for you to attain.

“Yoruba people call those forces Aiye. When Aiye is on your case, as it was against Man City, and it is against the Buhari government, you need God, and God alone. Aiye (meaning ‘the world,’ if freely translated) is the negative part of mankind. The pernicious, baleful, sly, and scheming part of humanity. If Aiye gets on your matter, you need God and God alone,” Adesina noted.

He, however, said he was convinced that like Manchester City recently won the league, “under President Buhari, peace and security would be restored.”

“Aiye was in full force against it. And the 2020/2021 season was initially not looking promising either. Eight weeks gone, the team was placed 13th on the table. It had lost 2-5 to Leicester City at home in Etihad Stadium, Tottenham drubbed it by two goals, played a draw with teams that couldn’t hold a candle to it in the past; and was generally forlorn and limp. Aiye was having a ball, laughing Man City to scorn.

“Aren’t they doing the same thing against the government in our country today; due to unrelenting security challenges, some of them possibly instigated by Aiye themselves?” he wrote.


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