Adulterous man nabbed trying to sleep with boss’ wife

Adulterous man nabbed trying to sleep with boss’ wife

An adulterous man was caught while he was trying to sleep with the wife of his boss.


The adulterous man hails from Zimbabwe.


Specifically, he was subjected to reproachful assault after being caught red-handed trying to bed his boss’ wife.


While the visibly livid men proceeded to beat the randy man mercilessly; the woman managed to flee from the scene leaving her ‘partner-in-crime’ to face the consequences alone.


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The man in the orange shirt, is said to be the one who cottoned on to the adulterous affair between the two and blew the whistle. During the assault, some of the men could be heard reproaching the man for abusing the trust his friend and boss had for him.


It was further learnt that the husband of the cheating wife wants her back despite the affair.


In another story of infidelity, a soldier’s wife was stuck with her lover after they encountered the charm for sexually infidelity known as ‘magun’.


Magun Kenya


In this narrative, the magun made the cheating lovers get stuck to each other; while making love at a yet to be identified location.


However, it is suspected to be a community in the south-west area of Nigeria; because of the Yoruba language spoken in the viral footage.


The lovers, after discovering their ordeal, covered their nude with a white bed spread; and rushed out from their private closet to seek for public help.


An eyewitness was seen scampering around for solution as he pours water; to see whether it could help them get separated. Unfortunately for them, they remained stuck after several efforts. The man remained pinned to his lover from behind. Read the story here.

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