Adunni Ade reveal she was blacklisted from the English sector of Nollywood

Adunni Ade reveal she was blacklisted from the English sector of Nollywood

Adunni Ade is a Nigerian-German Nollywood actress.


In a recent interview session with Chude Jideonwo on #WithChude, the actress explained why she has failed to flourish in the English-speaking sector of the Nigerian movie industry.


I feel, I might be wrong, that I was outcasted out of the English [industry] I won’t say 100 percent,” Adunni Ade shared.


She continued;

“But I have had jobs taken away from me, colleagues who have now become big names yank my name off or make lies to producers and EPs on reasons why they should not give me a job.

“Deals, endorsements have been yanked off my feet because they don’t know me or they don’t like me or I am not their person because they would rather put someone that they are cool with who would give them a cut than me who truly deserves it.”


The star actress further disclosed how she experienced a decline in her career right after her AMVCA nomination.


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Watch the session below.


Ade is a Nigerian actress born in Queens, New York, United States to a German Irish mother as well as a Yoruba Nigerian father.


She a mother to two adorable sons also, D’Marion and Ayden.


Adunni’s interview is coming after her colleague, Sharon Ooja revealed she had to overcome her impostor syndrome.


“My [acting] journey started with a bit of imposter syndrome.

When you are not sure of what you are doing somewhere; and you feel like you are not supposed to be there, it is harder to give it your best. I feel like every actor goes through it,” Sharon said.


Read the full interview session here.



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