Afghanistan provincial governor killed by suicide bomber in alleged ISIS incident

Afghanistan provincial governor killed by suicide bomber in alleged ISIS incident

The acting governor of a province in war-torn Afghanistan was slain by a suicide bomber on Tuesday morning, June 6. This is six months after the region’s police head was assassinated in a related attack that the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for.

The bomber struck his vehicle with an explosive-laden vehicle.

Since the Taliban overthrew the US-backed government and put an end to their two-decade conflict in August 2021, security in Afghanistan has improved, but the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group continues to pose a threat.

Before taking over as acting governor of the province’s capital, Faizabad, last month, Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi served as the deputy governor of northern Badakhshan.

“The target of this attack was the vehicle carrying Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi,” said Muazuddin Ahmadi. He is the head of culture and information in the province.

The driver was also killed and six others wounded in the attack, which no one has so far  claimed.

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Bombing have become expected in the country. The head of the province’s police force was killed in a suicide blast claimed by IS in December last year. A bomb attack also killed the head of the mining department in April last year.

The Taliban and IS share an austere Sunni Islamist ideology; however, the IS is fighting to establish a global caliphate instead of the Taliban’s aim of ruling an independent Afghanistan.

IS has killed and wounded hundreds of people in attacks since the Taliban government returned to power; some targeting foreigners, in a bid to undermine the Taliban government.

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