Africa, 5G and cloudization of data – Chris Uwaje

Africa, 5G and cloudization of data – Chris Uwaje



While Africa continues to anticipate 6G awaiting activation under the mystery-scope of the Research Laboratories; 5G has breathed the freshness of the air out of the yolk of a chick. Indeed, 5G continues to present and deliver more thought-provoking equations on the future of Data and by extension; digital infrastructure for life-development. The epicentre of this equation is ‘at the exponential speed of 5G to deliver Data at a rate never experienced before. How do we effectively store, manage and recompute and also secure the quantum of data generated?



This revolving equation continues to unveil the prominence of Data beyond the call of duty. But not only that, it also continues to redefine and remind us about the overwhelming importance of Data Storage.  Welcome to the Cloudization of Data.



Suddenly, Data and Cloudization have become co-joined twin in Tech. The world we live in is about absolute Data. The biology of life is about data, the ability to comprehend their potential; as well as its dramatic effects on the way we live, work, entertain, compete and progress has equally become the enigmatic engine of how to look at and work through human development.



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Africa, 5G and cloudization of data - Chris Uwaje




However, Data Ecosystem also presents enormous challenges to our state of being. Today, how we observe, collect, interpret, and evaluate Data, has become the core deciding factor of how nations are governed; visions are constructed, missions are vigorously tested, subjected to architectural design and implemented. All these factors are aggregated to deliver the cumulative effects on how our lives are calibrated; governed, and deployed for merit assessment, personal and family expectations, wellbeing, leadership, security of life and property; constructive and trustworthy national and global development.



One of the most critical challenges is the intensity of data accumulation in all works of life; from pre-pregnancy stages for a child to childbirth to death and beyond. Now that the storage-cell compartments of human brain are showing signs of limiting capacity as we experience life in various form; the issues of Data storage, virtualisation and related analytic skills requirement for engaging and evaluating Big Data become mandatory for continued existence. According to Azhar Sayeed, Red Hat’s Chief Architect, “the term Telco cloud is simply defined as: “heavily virtualized, software-defined, highly resilient infrastructure, allowing Telcos to add services more quickly and centrally manage their resources.”



Considering the swamping Data sludge around the planet Earth and beyond; “how will Africa engage the 21st Century massive Data issue that confronts her continental development, security, and survivability”?




First, there is an urgent need to vision ‘Africa Strategic Cloudization Framework’ (ASCF). The post Covid-19 pandemic recovery agenda demands critical planning in this direction, going forward. Resolving this challenge dives through the realms of massive capacity building in mastering Cloud Infrastructure development and management; Software Data Scientists, Cybersecurity and security.




Similarly, Scalability of Local or Native Clouds to highly resilient digital infrastructure is currently overly critical to Africa.





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5G is a promising piece of technology, no doubt. But every nation must figure out how to define and configure its ultimate benefit for self and country. The fancy buzz-words of inspiration on the capabilities of 5G and Africa interest may not be delivered; unless we commence the critical journey now, to the Cloud. While Telco Clouds are busy in the trenches, African nations must collectively come up with their strategic plan to engage how to construct the roadmap for their Native Cloud and Country Gateway digital infrastructure.




This architecture can be further linked and connected to the Regional Cloud; from there onward to the Continents Mega Cloud and the world. Cloudization of Data has become strategically imperative for Africa to maximize the emerging benefits on technology innovation from the massive pool of her youth population estimated at 65% of her projected population of 3.1 billion by 2050. Africa harbours massive inter-generational knowledge in many forms that need effective storage and Big Data Management. From culture, traditional health, medicine, technology, history, agriculture, education and so on, Africa has areas that require urgent re-conditioning at all knowledge and development sectors and levels.




Globally, it has been agreed that data is the new Gold. Google gets over 3.5 billion searches daily. Google remains the highest shareholder of the search engine market; with 87.35% of the global search engine market share as of January 2020. Big Data stats for 2020 show that this translates into 1.2 trillion searches yearly. That is more than 40,000 search queries per second. What’s more, 15% of all new Google searches have never been typed before! (Source: Internet Live Stats).




WhatsApp users exchange up to 65 billion messages daily. WhatsApp is the most popular and most downloaded messaging app worldwide? (Source: Connectiva Systems). Records show that WhatsApp is now available in 180 countries and 60 different languages worldwide. How about the fact that five million businesses are actively using the WhatsApp Business app to connect with their customers? Or the fact that there are over one billion WhatsApp groups worldwide?








For a very long time, the issues of Data storage have become critical for the success of Telcos.  Their continuous search for data solutions ranging from large storage systems; such as terabytes of Racks in Data centres, to Satellite transponders, etc; are evident of the concerns and struggles for sustainable solutions. But statistics show that intensity of data accumulation due to human digital addiction – spurred by innovation – has made the urgency to provide better solutions similar to that of the DNS issue of the Internet cantered on IPv4 and IPv6.



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Africa, where is your Cloud?


Meanwhile, Cloudization has become the new gateway to the global knowledge Data Wealth and consumers will pay heavily for it. Time to act is like yesterday. We can mine our future Data Gold if we prepare now.

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