Africa post COVID-19: Decoding the future – Chris Uwaje

Africa post COVID-19: Decoding the future – Chris Uwaje




Virus, Virus, Virus! Virus everywhere. How many viruses exist in our world? Rough estimate of the un-researched and unknown is in a range of million plus. This inevitably includes the ‘human virus’ which is undoubtedly the Emperor of all the dangerous viruses currently responsible for human plight, misery and contamination of human population growth and progress – especially in Africa!



The above invites us to question: Why does Africa have such a huge youth population? An overly complex question requiring urgent answers. Just few months ago (Feb. 2020); the Africa population report indicates that 41% of the African population is under the age of 15 years! Not only that, Africa’s population will almost double in 2050 – adding 1.2 billion people to the continent’s population!



Africa post COVID-19: Decoding the future - Chris Uwaje





What suddenly happened to the old and aged population of Africa? I am interested to know what really happened and the African child should be interested to find out. Was this due to the consistent weaponization of information and data against the Continent, which resulted in covert man-made businesses; orchestrated crisis, clandestine diseases, wars, external intrusion on and for Africa’s resources control, etc.? How many externally engineered wars, shadow crisis, covert regime changes and invisible resource thefts occurred in the continent within the last 100 years?




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Who eliminated our loving fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, charming wives, and friends; by way of encrypted poverty-enabled low life expectancy? And, who are their co-conspirators and enemies within? Is there an invisible low-life expectancy pill out there, unconsciously swallowed by our fore-fathers during the last centuries? Going forward, how many preventable wars, economic and human development carnage may possibly happen in the coming decades; if Africa leadership, political and judicial infrastructure and knowledge ecosystems are not digitally re-modelled and re-configured?




In 1900, our Continent’s population was estimated at just 140 million. Today, Africa, the second largest continent in the world with 30.37 million square kilometres; has a population of 1.3 billion people. The main factor driving the speedy population growth is grounded on the fact that births outnumber deaths – four to one. But that alone does not reveal why the continent has huge youthful population; especially in the face of having the highest mortality rate in the world! 




Africa post COVID-19: Decoding the future - Chris Uwaje




What are the hidden causes?

“To accelerate economic growth, Africa will need to rely on its massive labour pool; as well as its wealth of resources. The International Monetary Fund predicts that by 2035; Africa’s working-age population will exceed that of the rest of the world combined. As for resources, the continent has 65 percent of the world’s uncultivated arable land. In the energy sector, 45 out of 55 African countries have oil reserves and the continent has 8 percent of the world’s natural gas. The hydroelectric potential is an estimated 1,850-terawatt hours every year, three times the current demand. There is a further 1,300 gigawatts of wind-power potential; along with untapped geothermal sources and the largest solar energy reserves on the planet; between the Sahara and the Kalahari deserts. There is also an abundance of underground resources such as cobalt, manganese, diamonds, phosphates (fertilizer) and gold.”. (Arab News).




The above is why Africa has become the new world and also witnessing an unprecedented new stampede for her resources.



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How do we prepare?




What does the future hold for Africa? Nothing! Unless she reduces importation of goods and culture by 50% to start with; consciously originates, build manufacturing facilities, owns, smartly organises, manages, administers and controls her Data and Information Systems. Africa must re-invent her originality and culture by embarking on massive mind-engineering. Africa cannot survive the future when her data and information systems (IPs) are illegitimately seized and owned by outsiders! In the battle of the new world, the winners’ equation vividly shows that only those who own the data; can have a say in the controls of Thing-of-Things (ToT) and Thing-to-Things (T2T) of the future. 




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Oh, I mean to say: ‘the future holds quantum opportunities for Africa; provided we decode the future, collectively, scientifically, technologically, culturally, passionately, and selflessly’. When you lose your culture, you lose everything as well as all the essence of life.



Africa post COVID-19: Decoding the future - Chris Uwaje



And how do we decode our future?



The future resides in our inner minds. And the mind is conceivably the most enigmatic and complex machine out of this world. Indeed, the unpredictability of humanity and her Ecosystem is harboured in the mind-machine. Therein also resides the key to open, repair, re-engineer and recondition the future. Consequently, the key to decode the future is in our hands. 



Plug this key into our mindset and voila! the brand new future appears, stirs us in the face; beckoning on us to cherish, take control and sustain. Yes, it is a tough sociological equation in an evolution. But trust me, if you have been thought to learn and speak a language 400 years ago; you can as well start now to teach yourself and the continent to learn, speak and scientifically launch another (new) future-winning language in 200 years from now. That is how simple it is to decode the future without fear. For nothing is impossible if we collectively put our minds to it.




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With AI, impossibility becomes a non-answer, but a possibility. The future is a state of mind-engineering and emotional intelligence mandatorily required to configure and deliver Africa’s sustainable future. It is a state of being of deep imagination, converted into and empowered by science, sociological persistence as well as technology conquest.


The starting point is to enthrone a well-funded mandatory education for all African children from ages 2-15. There is no other mind-magic!




History reveals that there are many great minds who have decoded the future in their lifetime. Few of the prominent and admirable ones stand out; even when their predictions and resilient performances continue to be subjected to slight modifications. Some of my most admired few are: Aristotle Stagiritis, Albert Einstein, Plato, Lee Kuan Yew, Nelson Mandela and Chike Obi. Others are Stephen Hawking; Mwalimu Julius Nyerere; William Shakespeare; Kwame Nkrumah; as well as Mahatma Gandhi; (an eye for an eye only ends up in making the world blind), and many others.




Why re-engineering the mind of the Africa man-child for the future is of fundamental importance; you are invited to search further. To illuminate the demographic modelling of Africa’s population size; structure; and migration for further exploration, please check out (Manning 1981, 1990, 1991). Results of this work, summarized in a 1990 book, suggested that regional populations declined for large portions of West and Central Africa from 1730 to 1850; and also for parts of East Africa from 1820 to 1890; the same results projected significant discrepancies in adult sex ratios within Africa (Manning 1990a).








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