Akeredolu says Ondo State not ready to cede land for open grazing

Akeredolu says Ondo State not ready to cede land for open grazing

Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has stated that the state was not ready to cede any part of its land to the Miyetti Allah Kataul Hore, all in a bid to achieve the so-called peace and progress in the state.

Akeredolu made this call on Friday, September 10, via a statement issued by his Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties and Strategy Doyin Odebowale.

The governor described the threat by the group to foment trouble in the state following his recent signing of the anti-open grazing law as unacceptable in a lawful society.

“We are not prepared to cede any part of our ancestral heritage to enjoy ‘peace and progress’; offered by associations of bandits, robbers, kidnappers, and rapists,” he said.

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“No part of our land will be given to foreigners who cling to a dubious regional protocol; as an instrument validating dispossession.”

Akeredolu further slammed the group’s National Secretary Saleh Hassan for dubiously asking the Federal Government and the National Assembly to stop states from implementing the laws.

He said Hassan admitted without qualms that members of his association had been frustrated to the point of taking to banditry; as well as other forms of criminality to ‘fight poverty.’

“They thank the Federal Government and ask its functionaries and the National Assembly; to ensure that they continue to kill, maim, rape and dispossess their victims; whose citizenship is not shrouded in any historical obscurantism and dependence on any nebulous protocol for dubious integration; with the ultimate aim of dispossessing the indigenous owners of the land.

“Ondo State has a law which prohibits open grazing. The Government has a responsibility to implement the law for the benefit of the people of the State; and those, who may share in their aspiration for the development of their God-given space.

“The people of Ondo are hospitable. They will, however, be unable to tolerate and condone the invasion of their lands.”

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