Akeredolu urges Buhari to consider institution of state police towards tackling insecurity

Akeredolu urges Buhari to consider institution of state police towards tackling insecurity

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has said President Muhammadu Buhari must consider the demand for a national dialogue and the establishment of state police.

1st News had reported that the governors of 17 Southern States converged on Asaba, Delta State capital, where they made some resolutions and demands from the Federal government.

A ban on open grazing was finalised while the President was urged to convene a national dialogue summit, among others.

In an interview on ARISE TV on Thursday, May 13, Akeredolu justified the demands of the governors, saying some of their counterparts in the north are in support of their position.

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He said it is highly unlikely that the presidency will ignore the governors because of their numbers.

“Getting a presidential buy-in might be some cause for concern, but 17 governors from the south. I believe that whatever we have said should be given some weight, it must be something that has to be considered. That means the presidency will look at it and consider it. The number is large. It is more or less like half of us.

“I know that if we had called our brothers in the Middle Belt, they would have signed up to this. I even know that there are some of our brothers even in the north that would have signed up to this communique; who also believe that the time has come for us to have dialogue.

“I know Mr President. It has to be considered. It must be considered. Because the number of governors involved is not one you can just push aside. When you talk about this dialogue, it is a matter of serious concern to us. It is not parlour gossip. It is a matter that came from serious, in-depth discussion of governors,” Akeredolu said.

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