Ambode Not Planning To Sack Any Council Chairman

Ambode Not Planning To Sack Any Council Chairman

Following the seeming disconcerting times with incumbent governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, there have been many reports suggesting a diverse range of actions that are largely unfounded.

One of such reports purported that the governor was planning to sack all 57 chairmen of Local Government Areas and Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) in the state.

A top government official came forth, on the condition of anonymity, to debunk this, saying unequivocally, “Ordinarily, I would not have responded to this obviously planted fake news in an obscure online newspaper but since you want to find out the truth, let me tell you straight that there is no such plan. You see, what is happening is a well-orchestrated plan of the political detractors of the governor having seen the futility of their gang up to stop his second term bid. They (political detractors) know that the issue of the second term bid of Ambode has been settled but are clinging to straw in a desperate attempt to see whether the tide could change in their favour by spreading absolutely false news about the governor.

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“In the last few days back, no day has gone without these shameless people concocting and putting up one tale or the other. The moment they realized their game was up, the first thing they did was to put up a letter purportedly signed by the governor announcing his withdrawal from the governorship race and endorsing Sanwo-Olu. On that same day, these same people wrote a rebuttal in the name of the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Habib Aruna, even without his knowledge or consent.”

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