Alcohol: How it can affect your skin

Alcohol: How it can affect your skin



No matter how fun alcohol may be, it can be bad for your health, especially if you over-indulge.


Your Margarita Mondays and Thirsty Thursdays may seem like fun, but having one too many shots can do some major damage to your health, and in this particular case, your skin.


While many of us focus on the negative effects alcohol has to the liver, we tend to forget about its impact on your body’s biggest organ — your skin.



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According to INSIDER, a few skin-care professionals to get the scoop on alcohol’s major effects on the skin, and what happens to your complexion when you cut it out.



It causes dehydration

One of the biggest effects alcohol has on your skin is dehydration.

“It dehydrates the skin and will cause your wrinkles and pores to be more visible,”. Your skin will lose it’s natural plumpness and healthy glow.



Alcohol can heighten your risk of rosacea

Alcohol consumption, specifically white wine and liquor, increases the risk of rosacea in women.




Alcohol: How it can affect your skin




It can cause inflammation

Everyone knows the sun is the number one ager for the skin; but most people don’t realize that the second major cause of skin aging is inflammation; any way we can avoid inflammation will be better for our skin.

What alcohol does is bring the blood up to the tissue causing inflammation; so that’s why it’s harmful to the skin. That can manifest in blotchiness, redness, ruddiness and dehydration.



Depriving yourself of nutrients

Although certain alcoholic beverages like red wine are known to have some health benefits; consuming alcohol in excess is never a healthy choice.

Filling your body with the empty calories and sugars that many of your happy hour drinks are filled with can actually lead to malnutrition, which can have an obvious impact on your complexion.

Alcohol is also a diuretic, so you can lose plenty of skin cell-loving water from the body quite rapidly, leaving your skin dehydrated and dull.


One year later, your skin should have an overall healthier appearance

Your skin will definitely reap from the benefits of going sober for good. The skin will have an overall healthier appearance and naturally radiant look.

Over one year of not drinking alcohol, your liver will be healthier and better at detoxifying your body.

“The healthier you are, the more beautiful your skin looks, so our skin will be more healthy and glowing.”


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