Alex Asogwa, BBNaija star infuriated at boys who wash windscreens in traffic

Alex Asogwa, BBNaija star infuriated at boys who wash windscreens in traffic

Former Big Brother Naija contestant, Alex Asogwa has threatened to flog young boys who are fond of washing windscreens in traffic.


According to the reality star, she is prepared to fight them should they wash her windscreen without permission.


Alex Asogwa made this known on her Twitter platform on Wednesday, May 19.


Here is what she wrote;

Dear Government, this is me announcing in advance.

One day, I’ll come down from the car and flog training into one of these children that forcefully clean cars in traffic; then leave the foam or scratch the cars when you don’t have cash to give.



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She continued;

“I usually make excuses for them as I understand that they aren’t taught to do better but it’s frustrating.

Then again, it’s our duty as a government to get these kids out of the streets and I see little or no efforts being made.

Dear Government, je kori e pe o.


Asogwa concluded;

I’ve said my own now before anyone will see any video anywhere or on any useless blog and call me wicked.

I’ll flog that child and still give him/her money if I wish, but they need to understand that one day; someone will have their time and also that they need to do better.”


A couple of months ago, Asogwa Alexandra popularly known as Alex has explained why she is sad on her Instagram platform.


Alex mentioned that she is not prepared to contain the pressure that people are making her go through.

Here is what the reality star wrote;


Whatever it is, it’s sitting comfortably on my chest, refusing to let me breathe.

Scared of hurting others so holding back on wearing my emotions on my sleeves but how will it feel lighter when it’s carried alone ?

It’s harder to express when I know a lot of people draw strength from me but then , am I not human ? Oh yes I am.

It’s worse when the reason for this down moment isn’t clear.

I’ve been really down since yesterday but it’s worse today.

I’ve been fighting it but then, the easiest way to express myself is through writing.

Would I cry on a normal day ? yes I would but I’ve found it so hard to cry whatever it is out.

I’ve been searching my soul, I have no reason personally to be sad but I am.

Do you have days like this or is it just me ?

Let’s talk about it for the next three hours,” she concluded.

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