Alex, BBNaija star shackled by celebrity life

Alex, BBNaija star shackled by celebrity life

Alex Asogwa is a former Big Brother Naija contestant; she participated in the 2018 Double Wahala edition.


Alex Asogwa has said that her celebrity status makes her feel caged and rebellious.


The reality show star said this during a Question and Answer session with her fans on her Instagram stories.


“Caged, rebellious but strong-willed as I love my freedom and peace and I will protect it by doing me the right way,” she responded when asked how she feels being a celebrity.



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Alex further advised some of her fans on relationships and matters of the heart when probed.


A fan asked if it is right to marry while broke and she said;

I believe everyone should strive to stand alone.

A would-be-husband that’s very rich should check that you put in your best to not be broke and help you stand on your own even before marriage since he is rich.

Never make up your mind or settle to depend on anyone.”


She also said a relationship that doesn’t add up should not be allowed to graduate into marriage to avoid future regret.



A couple of months ago, Asogwa Alexandra popularly known as Alex has explained why she is sad on her Instagram platform.


Alex mentioned that she is not prepared to contain the pressure that people are making her go through.


Here is what the reality star wrote;


Whatever it is, it’s sitting comfortably on my chest, refusing to let me breathe.

Scared of hurting others so holding back on wearing my emotions on my sleeves but how will it feel lighter when it’s carried alone ?

It’s harder to express when I know a lot of people draw strength from me but then , am I not human ? Oh yes I am.

It’s worse when the reason for this down moment isn’t clear.

I’ve been really down since yesterday but it’s worse today.

I’ve been fighting it but then, the easiest way to express myself is through writing.

Would I cry on a normal day ? yes I would but I’ve found it so hard to cry whatever it is out.

I’ve been searching my soul, I have no reason personally to be sad but I am.

Do you have days like this or is it just me ?

Let’s talk about it for the next three hours,” she concluded.

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