Alex Unusual: ‘Baby mamas deserve respect’

Alex Unusual: ‘Baby mamas deserve respect’


Former Big Brother Naija star, Alex Unusual has admonished Nigerians to respect single mothers and baby mamas.


Alexandra Asogwa popularly known as Alex Unusual stated that baby mamas, ladies who give birth out of wedlocks, deserve some respects because most of them didn’t plan for things to be that way.


She made this known during an interview with Sunday Scoop.


Her words:


I hope to get married and have kids. However, I don’t judge baby mamas because many of them didn’t plan for things to be that way. Most of the kids were born out of love.

They were, most likely, in love with whichever guy got them pregnant but maybe, things didn’t later work out.

I feel we are supposed to give them the respect that they deserve because they have children.”


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Asogwa Alexandra Amuche Sandra best known as Alex Unusual who rose to limelight after she joined the Big Brother Naija show in 2018.


Taking to Instagram during the early hours of Friday, September 13, Alex revealed the pros and cons of being a renowned star.


Alex spills some shocking revelation about celebrityhood

“You have to be comfortable with the whole world sitting inside your living room with you through your phone.

You have to be comfortable with your “This item is expensive” being turned into “she said she is so broke she can’t even feed herself, she sleeps on the street”?

And these are just the least of all.

But then this human right here decided a long time ago that if she starts to deal with this at age 23, the way Nigerians think it should be done, she’ll have wrinkles by the time she is 25 and won’t even be alive to get to the age of 30.

So she is living her life stage by stage on her own terms. Out here being a whole sch because I can’t come and kill my self by myself for the world.

Goodnight ✌?#connectwithalex”


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