Alpha Conde promises to ‘govern differently’, tackle graft in third term

Alpha Conde promises to ‘govern differently’, tackle graft in third term


Guinean President Alpha Conde appealed for national unity on Tuesday after taking the oath of office following violently disputed elections.


“I urge every one of you to forget the divisive past and turn towards a future of unity and hope;” said Conde at ceremonies attended by several African heads of state.


Alpha Conde likewise promised to “scrupulously respect the provisions of the constitution; the laws, and also the court decisions, to defend the constitutional institutions; the integrity of the territory and the national independence”.


The 82-year-old, who will begin his third term in office on December 21; also vowed to tackle corruption and said he planned to govern in a different fashion.


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During the last two mandates; I noticed that the poor anonymous people in villages were abandoned by ministers and senior civil servants. There’s need to change our practices. We are committed; to fighting corruption. We want to govern differently. This means that ministers must put themselves at the service of the people and not their families.


Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin is holding his annual December press conference. This year’s event is unusual; taking place via video link due to the Covid-19 pandemic; and featuring questions from journalists and the public.

Putin began the tradition of year-end press conferences; which became a sort of less formal state-of-the-nation appearance – back in 2001.


From 2004 on, they often turned into marathons, lasting for at least three hours.

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