Amazon corporate employees intend to strike over return-to-work policies

Amazon corporate employees intend to strike over return-to-work policies

Some Amazon corporate employees have announced plans to walk off the job next week, as a result of discontent with the company’s return-to-work policy and other difficulties. This is an indication of increased tensions within the e-commerce behemoth following numerous rounds of layoffs.

According to an email from organizers and open social media posts, the work stoppage is being jointly planned by an internal climate justice worker organization and a remote work advocacy group.

Participants’ two primary demands are for the e-commerce behemoth to prioritize climate effect in decision-making and to provide workers more flexibility over where and how they work.

The May 31 lunchtime walkout will start at noon. According to an email from organizers, they pledged internally that they would only carry out the walkout if at least 1,000 employees agreed to take part.

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The planned walkout was first reported by The Washington Post.

Corporate workers have united in protest after Amazon and other Big Tech firms slashed tens of thousands of jobs starting in late 2017 due to a generalized economic downturn. This year, Amazon has said that it will make many rounds of cutbacks totaling about 27,000 jobs.

At the same time, Amazon and other tech companies are trying to get workers into the office more. In February, Amazon said it was requiring thousands of its workers to be in the office for at least three days per week, starting on May 1.

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